Eli's Custom Offer

4x White Background
3x Lifestyle
3x Infographics
Requirements needed to get started
  1. COMMUNICATION This is the very first and important step. You will contact us before you proceed the order and we will stay in contact during the entire process. Planning is essential. Together we will agree on objectives, refine ideas, and then, once your product is been received, we’ll be able to shoot straight away.
  2. POST THE FINAL PRODUCT Send us the final version of your product, the one you are actually going to sell on the market. If you have a fragile/breakable product, pack it accordingly or consider to send more samples if something happens during shipping. We can always discuss this privately and find the best solution to get your product delivered to us. If you would like me to return your product after the shoot, please enclose pre-paid return packaging.
  3. SHOT-LIST If you have already a structure or examples of how and what you exactly need, well...that will come in help for both of us resulting in a quicker way to get the job done for you. We don't want to reach you expectations, we will exceeds them!

Please provide a shot-list if you have specific package structure in mind that you would like us to follow. If you have a specific style of imagery in mind or you would like me to mimic a certain look, please let us know and send along any relevant images. Our goal is to make you happy and send you a final package that exceeds your expectations.

We will be open for communication at all times via email, text or phone. 

Please contact me to discuss your project before purchasing. If we mutually agree to work together, please send me your product before placing your order. If you would like me to return your product after the shoot, please enclose pre-paid return packaging.

Number of images
10 images included per package
File formats provided
Extras included
Source File
High Resolution
Commercial Use
1 revision allowed
Delivery time
Up to 14 days
Frequently asked questions
We will deliver the final files to you using WeTransfer, Google Drive, or other similar cloud service providers. Files will be usually stored for up to ONE WEEK.
Please make sure to download your images immediately and keep them in a safe place as we will delete them after 7 days from the date of submission.
It is assumed that since the shots are being shot to your specifications that when they are completed, the project is complete. Reshoots will be taken for wrongly displayed products, out of focus images, or some other major defect on the photographers end. Any changes to shot list or additional images will be charged at an individual rate.
If you need composite shots, please be aware that those COUNT TOWARDS your 10 images. If you want three individual images composited into a single image, your image total thus far would be 3 images, not one. If it is a unique pose/image, it will be counted as one image.