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Each brand needs a professional website to showcase the products sold on Amazon
To be on the top, be one step ahead of your competitors through a professional presentation website. A well structured website increases the trust of potential customers and can easily be integrated into any marketing plan.

The webdesign skills are one of the main qualities of the Lemongraf team. We know the trends and the design will be done according to them so that your brand and products will inspire confidence and quality. On the other hand, an outdated site disappoints and shows customers lack of involvement or suggests an outdated product. And you want a top brand for top sales, right? To get this done, working with the Lemongraf team is the best choice you can make.

What are Amazon Stores?
Amazon Stores is a premium self-service product that allows brand owners to design and create multi page stores to showcase their brands, products and value proposition on Amazon. 

How Do They Look?
Amazon Stores are comprised of one or more pages. Each page is comprised of a header and footer surrounding a number of content tiles.

The main advantage of having your own website for presenting the products sold on Amazon is increasing the conversion rate. It works like a funnel, allowing only potential customers, really interested in the product to follow the Amazon online store link. Also, with external traffic has better chances of growing in rank.

What package contains?

✔ Unlimited Pages Blog
✔ Mobile Friendly
✔ Email Marketing Integration (Mailchimp)
✔ Search Engine Optimization
✔ Commercial Use
✔ Direct link to Amazon store
✔ Product Page
✔ Functionality Plugins/Extensions
✔ Contact Form with phone notification
✔ GDPR Ready
✔ Thank you page for customers
✔ Lemongraf Support
✔ 7 Days Delivery

Requirements needed to get started
What we need?
  • Logo in AI or PDF format
  • High quality images of the product.
  • Product description, and main features in World format 
Delivery time
Up to 7 days
Frequently asked questions
 WHY CHOOSE Lemongraf?
Lemongraf is a marketing agency, growing brands people love. We work with brands andmanufacturers who care about measuring ROI, tracking KPIs, and are serious about taking theircompany to the next level. We are known for our extensive Amazon marketing background,including listing optimization, sponsored ads, brand protection, and much-much more. 

We combine passion and experience with the latest tools to deliver graphics and marketing servicesthat even meet the demands of the most demanding customers.