[$100 OFF LAUNCH]*54 Videos* FBA Course - Dominate on Amazon

Are you tired of spending hours researching what to do on google and youtube only to find the same outdated tactics and strategies?

What if you could have access to everything you need to know to be able to:
  • Source profitable products on Amazon
  • Ask the right questions in order to verify if your product idea is the right one or not
  • Differentiate from the competition so you can stand out and rake in sales
  • Find great suppliers and pay less for your products
  • Where to look to make sure you have the best and lowest shipping quotes
  • What's most important for your listing and how to take advantage of all aspects to increase your conversion rates
  • Use social media to launch products and get more reviews
  • Launch products while getting FULL PRICED-SALES, a lot of reviews, and target the right keywords
  • Set up and manage your own profitable Amazon PPC campaigns
  • Considerably increase your odds of getting the best seller badge
  • Increase your google SEO rankings by creating backlinks for your products, and potentially bring in more organic outside traffic to your listing

You'll have lifetime access to:
  • All the 53 videos PLUS every new strategy that I will be updating from time to time
  • Resources document with information of all the different softwares, photographs, freight forwarders (...and more) that I recommend
  • A master checklist to ensure you go through all the steps for your FBA business
  • A pre-launch checklist so you have everything you need before launching your product
  • A product research cheat sheet including the questions I ask myself to validate products
  • Excel files to accurately calculate your product's margins, the budget you will need, and how to better manage your inventory

Everything you need and more to dominate your competition on Amazon!

**This listing does not come with 1/2 hour of consulting**
Requirements needed to get started
Be ready to have all you need to profitably sell on Amazon :)
Consulting hours
1/2 hour of consulting included
Delivery time
Up to 3 days