(2019) Ultimate Amazon Product Relaunch Guide

Have you launched a product on Amazon but have seen sales decline or not take off at all? Is it becoming harder and harder to maintain keyword positioning post-launch? 
If you answered yes to any of the questions above then my 2019 relaunch guide is for you. My name is Sebastian and my company ZonRush has launched over 600 products for Amazon sellers. 
Needless to say I have strong understanding of how to conduct a successful relaunch. 
In my ultimate relaunch guide you'll learn step by step exactly how to relaunch your products without having to do deep discount giveaways. 
Here what you’ll learn: 
  • How to leverage Amazon’s listing coupons and double conversions ( not single use-coupons ) 
  • How to strategically set up Amazon PPC campaigns for a relaunch 
  • How to map out and budget for your relaunch 
  • How to leverage Amazon’s giveaway platform and promote your product to hungry buyers 
  • How to easily get a video created for your listing 
  • My 3 step ranking formula  ( training video ) 
  • Exclusive access to tools and resources that 7 & 8 figure sellers use 
Part of your success as an Amazon seller will be your ability to learn and implement strategies as efficiently as possible. This guide will give you a crystal clear picture on how to successfully relaunch your Amazon products. 

Extras included
Tailored Action Plan
Marketing Strategy Report
Customer Segmentation
Promotional Campaign
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Frequently asked questions
Q: What's all included in this package?
A: This is a comprehensive PDF guide.