Nail Down Your Pre-Launch Keyword Strategy

Receive the top 3 most recommended keywords you should optimize your product listing with BEFORE launching.

Get 5 years' worth of experience in SEO, Paid Search, & Amazon FBA Seller knowledge delivered directly as your product's pre-launch ammunition in the form of organic keyword research.

  1. Receive the top 3 most recommended keywords you should optimize your listing with, in order of priority.
  2. Receive Estimated Search Volume data for all 3 keywords using a third-party tool.
  3. Receive a Detailed explanation on why those 3 keywords were chosen based on our research.

As is commonly known, an Amazon listing should be optimized to rank (high) on page one for a handful of organic keywords that will generate clicks to your listing - free of charge.

A poor organic keyword strategy will be the beginning or the end of your product's success potential, as ranking organically for as many of your relevant keywords acts as the buoyancy in your listing's sustainability.

I will scope your competitor's organic rankings,  
survey your competitive landscape, and
conjure ideas of my own using my in-depth knowledge of behavioral search. 

All factors considered, you will have received the top 3 keywords you should absolutely target and optimize your listing for prior to launching - all based on competition (ability to outrank the current top listings), relevancy, and total estimated search volume.
Requirements needed to get started
  1. A list of your top 5-10 most relevant competitors
  2. Share with me all of the key features of your products.
  3. Share with me your Amazon sponsored ads daily budget.
  4. Any target market insight you are able to provide (demographics, relevant products).
Competitors researched
5 competitors researched
Keywords included
Extras included
Long Tail Keywords
Competitor Keywords
Information Keywords
Keyword Report
Delivery time
Up to 3 days
Frequently asked questions
  • If I'm patient, how soon can I expect to see myself rank on page one for my targeted keywords? 
- It depends on your competition. We will ask you what your paid search (sponsored ads) budget will be and that will allow us to determine how competitive / aggressive we can be. You should see gradual increases to your page/position over time, and can expect for page one rankings to take from a few weeks up to a few months depending on the competition/keyword.