I Will Handle Amazon Returns in the US

Our return service gives you a physical presence in the United States for customer returns and  unfulfillable inventory.

This includes the following services:
  • Receive and process (50) customer returns on your behalf, salvaging as many units as possible
  • Store any returns that could not be salvaged as sellable inventory for 2 weeks, at no additional cost
  • Provide photographs and reporting of your products as received, including details of damages

Pricing per unit for this specific task decreases dramatically as the quantity goes up. 
51 to 500 Items = $1.65 per item
501 to 1000 Items = $1.50 per item
1001 to 2500 Items = $1.35 per item
2501 to 5000 Items = $1.25 per item
Over 5000 Items = $1.10 per item 

Custom offers available for re-boxing products, forwarding inventory for FBA and inserting promotional materials. Feel free to reach out for details and pricing on our additional services.
Requirements needed to get started
Please send the following: 

  1. ASINs and Quantities that are being sent
  2. Any specific instructions related to your ASINs
Delivery time
Up to 30 days
Frequently asked questions
Is your warehouse based in the United States?
Yes, we are based in Dublin, Virginia.

Will you pick up my inventory from a freight-forwarder?
Yes, we do provide pickup service at the Flexport location in Greensboro, NC.

What other services do you provide?
We will attach Labels, Inserts, and promotional material to your products. Inventory management and forward to Amazon, Storage, Receiving/Forwarding, and much more!
Do you work with Amazon sellers outside the US?
Yes, a lot of our clients are from all around the world and find it extremely helpful to have someone in the US helping with this part of the business.