SKYROCKET SALES! I will fully CRITIQUE Your Amazon Listing

 Yes! Just like the photo said, this is the best product listing deal on Jungle scout market!

I’ll audit your listing from top to bottom, title to reviews! I’ll also assess the listings of your top 2 competitors! Then, I’ll detail my findings in a personalized report, complete with step-by-step recommendations.

For just $20, I will:
 ✔️ Analyze your listing’s optimization to assess if it’s strong, weak or just needs minor tweaks

 ✔️ Read your listing’s title, bullets and description for clarity, call to action effectiveness and overall buyer experience

 ✔️ Inspect your listing’s images

 ✔️ Search for any issues or problems that might lead to a loss of sales

 ✔️ Identify selling strategies that will potentially improve sales

 ✔️ Review your buyers' questions to identify the top inquiries

 ✔️ Study your reviews for the best features of your product, buyers’ concerns and to identify product improvements, if needed

 ✔️ Compare your listing and product to the top 2 competitors' listings (or any 2 you’d like) and assess for the reasons behind their success and identify changes you can implement to compete or even overtake their position

 ✔️ Compile all of this information into a detailed report, with in-depth instructions and recommendations for improvements.

This service won't make you rich or make you poor, but would serve as a solid benchmark for future business.

Feel free to contact me anytime, i do this full-time.

Requirements needed to get started
All i need is a link or ASIN to your product and 2 of your competitor's and you can consider it done afterwards.
Search Terms
Delivery time
Up to 24 hours
Frequently asked questions
Do you have experience selling on Amazon?
I’m an Amazon seller myself with many years of e-commerce experience. I stay current on Amazon’s selling policies and intensely study documentation regarding the latest algorithms. 

What if my listing is already perfect?
Before you order, please send me your ASIN and let me take an initial look. If I don’t believe I can give you solid advice for improvements, advice that’s worth the price of this service, I will tell you. 

How do you deliver?
My delivery would be made in Word Document or Google Docs.