We will do Amazon FBA quality control from your supplier

You must contact us before placing this order

Do you want to avoid bad Amazon product reviews?
Do you want to know if your supplier's guarantee is as described?
Do you want to know how to improve your product?

We've launched our own Amazon Private Label brands, have consulted for multi-million dollar clients and turned them into profit-generating machines - and we can do the same for you!

Send us your product and we will inspect and analyze it, send you a report and save you thousands!

What we will cover during Private Label product inspection:

Product Quality

Packaging Safety

Supplier Communication


Identify Room For Improvement

How it works:

1. Message us BEFORE ordering and we will provide us with a warehouse address
2. Purchase samples from your supplier
3. Send us the samples to our warehouse
4. Our agency test your samples
5. We send you a detailed product inspection Amazon FBA quality control report

We don't inspect oversized products, health supplements, and dangerous products
Requirements needed to get started
1. Could you confirm that you have provided the seller with your FULL supplier information and also purchased a sample from them before placing this order?

2. Do you understand that if the post is delayed due to the carrier, we may have to extend your order. However, we would stay good communication with you during the process.

3. Do you know that if you want us to return the product to the suppliers, you will have to pay for the extra shipping costs?
Delivery time
Up to 7 days
Frequently asked questions
1. Whay are you the right people for the job?

We are a team of experienced private label sellers. We have our own successful products on store which are profitable and rank highly on the first page for our main keywords.

2. What kind of products do you expect?

We are open to many products except for oversized products, dangerous products and health supplements.

3. What is the project output?

We will deliver you a detailed report on product and supplier quality. In addition to this, we can suggest product improvements so you can reduce bad reviews.