We will setup Amazon PPC for your Private Label Product

We've launched our own Amazon Private Label brands, have consulted for multi-million dollar clients and turned them into profit-generating machines - and we can do the same for you!

We are currently managing in a total of $800k PPC budget and $5,000,000 in revenue on Amazon annually.

This gig is for Private Label sellers that want us to set up the first MANUAL and AUTO Amazon PPC campaigns

If you want an ongoing monthly Amazon PPC management, please message us first.

Order this gig and for one Private Label product we will:

MANUAL Campaign(s) that are structured logically with short and Long Tail keywords

AUTO Campaigns that will give you useful data whilst allowing you to grow.

Thorough Keyword Research to find Long Tail keywords that convert at low cost

Reduce ACoS by only bidding on keywords that are suitable for your product and niche

BONUS PPC Strategy Report so you can analyze the results from your first campaigns
Requirements needed to get started
1. We need to access your seller account in the most secure manner. Please send us an Amazon Seller Central user permissions request to [email protected] so we can start to build your campaigns.

2. Please leave a link to the product you wish us to set up PPC and optimize for.

Delivery time
Up to 5 days
Frequently asked questions
1. Do you provide ongoing Amazon PPC management?

To first set up your first campaigns, this is the gig for you! However, if you want ongoing management, please message us first.

2. What are some of your results?

We run Amazon PPC campaigns for our own brands and clients both on a small budget and larger budget. The second gig image will show some results we have achieved on a smaller budget.

3. What ad budgets do you cater for?

Please message us beforehand if you are not sure about your budget.