The final date to place a Jungle Market order is October 31, 2021. If you are a current user, please check your email for more details.


In order to expand your business to new markets, you need to translate your Amazon product listings to target languages of the market want to sell on.
Only a third of our world speaks English language, and all customers expect you to address them in their own native language.

We are offering product listing translations for European Amazon marketplace includes five countries (UK, Germany, Italy, Spain and France), which are growing every day.

✔️ Native Language Translation
✔️ Description Localization (Translation merged with Copywriting for a more natural flow)
✔️ Using Paid Tools like Jungle Scout, Merchant Words, Google Keywords Planner, Helium 10 & Sonar for Market and Keyword Research
✔️ Using Backend Keywords Strings
✔️ Unlimited Revisions

  NOTE: This package offer is per ONE Language, for multiple languages buy according to the quantity you desire or contact me for custom order.

We understand how the A9 Amazon algorithm works and how it can help you boost your sales. We do it perfectly and on time.

ADL CREATIVES does more than simple product translations, we do our best to make sure your product listing dominates!

Feel free to contact us for FREE quote today!
Requirements needed to get started
  • Product Link/ASIN (on English-speaking Amazon platform) IN Word Document (in English)
  • Your top Keywords
  • Competitor's links
  • Any further information that you feel like I could need (too much is better than too less)

Number of words translated included
Extras included
Competitor Research
SEO Optimized
Editable File
Translate Title
Translate Bullet Points
Translate Product Description
HTML Product Description
Unlimited revisions allowed
Delivery time
Up to 3 days
Frequently asked questions
How many language do you provide for each package?
Just one language. For example: if you want an English product for a simple translation into German; you have to order 1 gig, if you want two languages, please order 2 gigs...

Can you write an HTML description ? Yes, of course.
I can create your product description with HTML. I mostly use : center, bold, bullet point list, line break, underline. I will only use HTML tags allowed by Amazon.

What is localization and why is it better than translation?
As a Translator, your goal is not just to get a listing that is translated accurately. You want a listing that will encourage customers in that market to buy your products Localization comprises a combination of translation and copywriting, and involves adapting your listing to the local market.

How do you perform keyword research?
Our keyword research methodology incorporates our knowledge and experience as professional sellers on Amazon. It involves a number of steps, including analysis of your competitors’ listings, market research, and the use of software and tools to identify the best keywords to include in your listing