In-depth Amazon Keyword Research

Stop losing money on useless keywords and start to rank all the relevant search terms for your product!

Now is the time to do it Professionally!

Let me introduce myself, my name is Yassine, a fellow FBA seller, and consultant. I spend hours every day on Amazon doing product optimization, research, PPC, etc... In addition, to helping other sellers reach their target goals.

Package includes three DISTINCT FILES:

1- MAIN PRODUCT KEYWORDS: Top keywords of your product and all of the associated search terms.

2- COMPETITOR KEYWORDS: Spy on your top 3 competitors and figure out which keywords they're ranking for with moderate and high search volume.

3- PPC KEYWORDS: This list alone is priceless because each keyword is analyzed for relevancy; to ensure a low ACOS and high conversion rate. All you have to do is create a manual campaign and monitor the sales flow.

 ► Keywords Usage:

✔ Highly recommended keywords for your Listing SEO & Backend

Highly recommended keywords for your PPC Campaigns + Long-Tail KW

Huge list with all the negative KW (Save money in auto-campaign)

You will see the competition status, search volume, Match Type, Position and more for each KW.

$Order now and Let’s make you an FBA best- seller$ 
Requirements needed to get started
After you order, please send me your product ASIN and your top 3 competitor ASINs, so I can make in depth research on your product and on all of your top competitors.
Competitors researched
3 competitors researched
Keywords included
Extras included
Long Tail Keywords
Competitor Keywords
Information Keywords
Keyword Report
Delivery time
Up to 24 hours
Frequently asked questions
Q-  Why is your keyword research better than other sellers?

1. I offer the most comprehensive keyword research that includes SEO, PPC, and Competitor Keywords. All of which is filtered and generated based on real customer data, and for the right usage.

2. I use the most accurate Amazon tools (helium10 & Junglescout).

Q- How much keywords & phrases you will deliver?

I usually deliver more than 1k for main and competitor rankings keywords and up to 30 KWs for PPC. 

Q- What's the file type?

All three files are in XLSX version (Microsoft Excel).
Q- Can you do keyword research for additional markets/additional languages?

Yes, I can, but please send me a message with your product details before placing an order. Thanks.