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These UPC codes is the first and very important gateway to start selling on Amazon along with any other online website or physical retailer! We provide codes of the barcodes so you can print them in your packaging or if you’re inputting them on Amzn. 
 After the purchase, YOU OWN your UPC codes. It will be registered in your name on GS1, and it becomes your company's asset. By simply using them on Amz or another website they become registered to you. 

We provide our customers the most affordable retail option for globally recognized UPC barcodes. We pride ourselves on providing new unused barcodes without the expensive costs, annual fees or registration hassles. 

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Amazon can remove your listing if they discover that your UPC codes don’t match the information found on the GS1 database. It’s important to spend the initial time and money to ensure Amazon success in the long run.

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Requirements needed to get started
Codes would be deliveried hours after purchase
Delivery time
Up to 24 hours
Frequently asked questions
How to create a listing on Amazon with UPC Codes? 
To start using the UPC code(s), you’ll need an Amazon Merchant account that enables you to add new products to the Amazon catalog (a Pro Seller account).  Once you login to your account, click on the Inventory tab (or Catalog Tab) at the top left navigation, click “Add a Product“, scroll down a bit to the “List a new product” section and then click on the “Create a New Product Listing” link.

After clicking that page, you’ll be taken to a page to select the category of your product, which you will choose depending on the product you’re selling.  You can either search for a category or browse for a category.

Are all the UPC Codes are the same?
Today the greater part of the purchasers are in a misinterpretation that all the UPC codes are equivalent as they essentially begin from a similar source.
The harsh reality of cheap UPC Codes you buy from other stores might give not good barcodes for your brand account. If you use non GS1 registered UPC Codes then might be your product will be removed automatically from the marketplace.
If you buy UPC Codes from the online stores like us, you can get the required genuine UPC codes according to your financial plan fulfills. Apart from that, we attempt to give you thebest UPC codes for Amazon that will suit your business needs.


What makes us the most trustworthy UPC Codes Seller? 
- Our team of professionals sound enough and careful not to make any errors when registering the UPC Codes.
 - Our codes are 100% safe to use as they are secured for unethical hacking.
 - We make sure that our codes are formatted in such a way that retail store personnel’s typo errors can quickly be withdrawn.
 - All our codes are generated in a prescribed authenticated manner to lessen the chances of error.
 - We Offer Cheap UPC Codes better pricing than all other sellers.