Your Own Promo Video For Your Business!

(Photos Shown Are Actual Clients)
YOUR VERY OWN ONLINE PROMOTIONAL VIDEO is the best way to optimize your site, reach viewers, gain interaction and most importantly get new clients! 

We have been producing videos for YELP clients for the past decade. And now we bring our services to you, whether you have a Yelp account or not.  

The video shoot takes less than an hour, and our on-site director will talk you through the whole process. No need to be nervous or camera shy. You're in good hands. The final 60-90 second promo for your biz, consists of an interview with the business owner or rep, and shots of daily happenings at your place of business (clients, inventory, employees, etc.). 

We also add background music, graphics, your logo, and more. And if you don't want to appear on camera, no problem. We'll write and record a professional voiceover for your commercial at no extra charge.  

Your video promo commercial will be sent to you within 24 hours after the shoot, guaranteed! And you own it, 100%! 

We serve Florida from Key West to Orlando.

So optimize your business now by booking your video shoot today!  And if you'd like to see examples of how your video will look, see our work at
Requirements needed to get started
All we need is an hour of your time at your place of business. And if you work out of your home, no problem.  Let business go on as usual and we'll do the rest. Easy peasey!


"Paul was great at making me feel comfortable in front of the camera and guide the conversation. He was quick and was able to capture all the important parts."
Dr. Natalia Ferrer-Leon, Details Dental 

"I had a great experience ... knowledgeable and extremely easy to work with, Highly recommend to all local businesses."
Dr. Barak Meraz, Carpe Diem Chiropractic

"Our filmmaker, was since the beginning, a very polite and kind individual. He was open to hear any of our suggestions and feedback. He even proposed a couple of ideas to improve our video. Experienced and professional. Highly recommended."
Itala Chinchai, Oh Ceviche

"The videographer was great and walked me through everything and made me feel comfortable with being "on camera." And I'm happy with how the video came out."
Michele Gust, South Miami Physical Therapy & Pilates
"Kept in communication through the pre shoot scheduling. Showed up promptly, and ready to work together on video. Allowed us to add customer pics to create an identifiable sense of welcome in our video."
AJ McMellon, All Keys Jet Ski
"Fantastic job! I'm blown away by how beautifully the final product came together. I cannot wait to get it out in front of prospective and existing clients."
Dr. Julie Jacko, Barre Motion
"Great, focused on all the details we needed the customers to hear. Great job!"
Lester Sanchez, Miami's Pet Grooming

"Amazing!  Everything I asked for and more! Truly amazing!"
Ramiro Ramirez, Taqueria Morelia

Running time (seconds)
Number of finalized versions included
1 finalized version
File formats provided
Extras included
Full HD (1080p)
Custom Colors
Ultra HD (4K)
Add Logo
Background Music
Commercial Use
Overlay Text
Extras included
Full HD (1080p)
Overlay Text
Logo Transparency
Custom Colors
Background Music
Commercial Use
1 revision allowed
Delivery time
Up to 24 hours
Frequently asked questions
1. I'm nervous on camera. How will I know what to say?
Our filmmaker will ease your mind and talk you through the on-camera interview. He'll even call you ahead of time to answer any questions. Once he's there, you'll be asked 6 very easy questions about your business on camera. You'll practice the answer off camera first. We'll then shoot it, and do the same for the next question, and so on. Don't worry. We'll never ask you to just speak for 15 minutes straight. We break it down for you nice and easy.

2. I work out of my home. Can I still get a video made?
Yes. And not a problem. We can shoot your business promo anywhere (home, brick and mortar business, outdoors, ... anywhere)

3. What if I don't want to be on camera, or have anyone to be on camera to speak for the interview part of the video?
Again, not a problem. We can write a script and record a professional voice over for you, which we hear in the video as we see the daily happenings at your business.

4. What will be in the video for my business?
Your interview (or your designated spokesperson's interview), background music, your logo, your contact info (website, address, phone, etc.), shots of things going on at your business (inventory, clients, employees, etc.)

5. I have a great client who could give a raving testimonial. Can we have them in the video too?
Of course!

6. Do I own the video after it's made?
Yes. We send you the Master video file within 24 hours after the shoot. You own if forever. It's yours to post on your website, YouTube channel, Facebook page, or even give to a local TV station to broadcast on air it. It's your video, 100%.