2 Winning Products:High Demand, Low Reviews, Launch Strategy

n 2018, Amazon did 225 BILLION in sales. Through which 50% of those sales were from the Aspiring amazing Amazon FBA sellers.

$112,000,000,000 came from the  FBA sellers in 2018 alone

Imagine if you could make only the smallest percentage of  sales made by selling  FBA products.

.01% would be $11,200,000
.001% would be $1,200,000
.0001% would be $112,000.

Are also you interested in making money on Amazon? 

In-depth FBA Product research, finding you high profit selling products even new sellers
can make profit easily. 

Amazon Product Research to find high selling products with which a new seller can  compete and make a profit online.
Amazon market is getting competitive everyday, as the number of sellers are growing finding a great product is  hard and frustrating . Even by using the best research tools out there people are not able to find that money making product.

Get winner product ideas and crush your Amazon sales with my help!

My research criteria are as follows :

  • Average Revenue : $6000+
  • Monthly sales: 400+ 
  • Low competition : less than 50 reviews in top 10 listing
  • No seasonality 
  • Poor quality / room for improvements
  • Keyword research.
  • No Health Product Like vitamins or creams that would be subject increased liability or body harm.
  • Size that mostly fits inside a shoe box.
  • Products where existing seller have poor description and photos and room for improvement.

**Other gigs **
Private labeled products provided
2 private label products
3 revisions allowed
Delivery time
Up to 5 days