Import Fast Shipping Products from Banggood to Shopify

Here’s what I got

One of the major problems all drop shipping stores runs into: Slow shipping time.

It feels ages to the customer to wait for ePacket when Amazon ships in 2 days, right?

That’s the majority of your customer service, you get chargebacks, returns buyers are minimal and they’re just not satisfied with their purchase, even if the product quality is good. 

Sounds familiar?

You’ve found some products that you want to import from Banggood to your Shopify store, haven’t you? 

That’s the point where we can help you to make the process smoothly. We save you the hassle and import these products your store.

We run our dropshipping store where one of our suppliers is Banggood. It helps us to source products easy and make the shipping fast with good quality and price. You can easily increase the product variety and test them out effectively as we do. 

Here’s what it will do for you

You found some products that you want to try out soon or you already sell them on your store just let’s say you ship them from Aliexpress with ePacket, right?

Importing from Banggood is way much faster so your customers will love your store.

Importing products manually is a boring and slow process. You can ask your VAs, but the process takes a week or more and you need to educate them on how to do it. 

You can import them to the spreadsheet to make it better. But the form of the export that you got from the Banggood is not matching with the Shopify import format. To be more specific, there are none of the fields are matching. Now, you need to find someone else who compares and figures the mismatching out and upload it for you.

This is where we help you out. 

We provide an out of the box solution to the entire process. So you save time, money and lots of headache formatting CSVs.

The reason why we use and recommend Banggod because:

  • Fast Shipping. ePacket ships fast? Try Banggod and you’ll be blown with their shipping time
  • Good quality, better than Aliexpress
  • Similar prices without a very long waiting time.
  • Everyone else is using Aliexpress and Shopify so the competitions are selling the exact same products, so you can stand out.

These are the steps

  • Share the list of products with us
  • We export them from Banggood, 
  • Run our data cleaning and transforming procedure 
  • until we get the valid, Shopify-compatible products list 
  • that we are going to upload to your store, 
  • We check the product description, 
  • We update the variants
  • We update the SKUs, 
  • We update the price based on your profit margin
  • We upload all the pictures 
  • and connect them with variants. 

The outcome: you get your picked products from Banggood to your Shopify store which are ready to publish immediately and you can sell them today. 

Here’s how it works

After the purchase, we will contact you. We send 
  • the onboarding form where we will ask your best contact details, 
  • the CSV spreadsheet of the products that you want to import 
  • and some other questions like you want to apply some kind of product pricing method like a 40% profit margin, etc.

What we need to accomplish this: 
  • We need a developer account to your Shopify store. 
  • We will share our developer account details which you can add to your store as a developer. - We need it to upload the products and check the result.

After that, we create the product import list which we will share with you and we will upload it to your store where we double check the results.

The last step is that we contact you again where we are going to ask you a feedback about the result. After we asked feedback, you can ask 1 revision.  We will ask you to remove our developer access to your store too. 

That’s the entire process from the beginning to the end. 


Requirements needed to get started
  • Developer account to your Shopify store
  • You already have successful products, already have initial sales

Delivery time
Up to 5 days
Frequently asked questions
How many products that I can import?

We support up to 25 products currently. If you have more than 25, contact us about bulk order. 

Do you upload all of the product photoes too?

Yes, we upload the pictures to your store. 

Can I give you a profit margin formula?

Yes, we support the unique profit margin formula that we apply automatically.

Do you upload the product variants too?

Yes, we handle the product's variants too. Including variants, sizes, colors, if you have anything specific in mind, please ask before you place your order.

Do you publish the products to my store?

No, we import the products and set them unpublished automatically. We do not publish any products to your store without your permission. It means that you can go through all the unpublished products and check them before publishing.

What if I want to change some products on the given list?

Please, contact us as soon as possible. We are happy to help.

Do you upload the inventory too?

No, you can manage inventory on Banggood Dropshipping Center where you can add alert or reserve stock of the given products. 

Does it automatically update the inventory changes?

No, we do not sync inventory changes. However, we recommend taking a look at the dropshipping center inside the Banggood where you can add an alert to each product.

Is it possible to upload product type and tags automatically?

Banggood doesn’t provide tags and product type. If you add them to the given product list in the separate columns then we can upload it for you. 

How long the whole process takes?

It’s a 5-day process, usually less. We keep you updated so you always know the current status.

Do you fix the misspelling and other grammatical errors on the description?

We are working with the given data. It means if there is a misspelling word on the listing then we import it to your store. We recommend fixing and polishing your product description right after we upload them,

Does Banggod automatically fulfill the orders like Oberloo?

It’s a Banggood to Shopify product import service. It doesn’t contain any fulfillment service. Currently, based on their security, Banggood doesn’t support Shopify-Banggood API connection. However, you can export the order from your store and upload it to the Banggood for fulfillment. - It could be one of our next services soon ;) Please inquire if you’re interested in it.

What can I do if one of the variant's picture missing?

We work with the given data. It means, if the Banggood doesn’t give pictures one of the variants then we can’t upload and connect it. However, you can create a variant image by cutting out a variant from one of the given images. It’s not included in this service, but we can recommend a designer for you if you need one.

I have some questions. What can I do?

Just click on the contact button and ask. We are here and we are happy to help.

Can you import other products from a different source?

We are data analysts and Shopify experts who run their businesses too. It’s possible that we can help you with your problem, but it’s out of the scope of this service. Please, contact us if you have a unique request.