Social Media Management - 1 Month

Our social media packages for E-Commerce businesses will help you use Social Media to:

  1. Attract potential customers.
  2. Build an audience that LOVE your products.
  3. Expose your brand.
  4. Improve launch of new products.

What to expect from our social media packages?

Increase in the number of followers in all social networks.

Proper management of your social media pages and campaigns, according to best standards and practices.

Guidance from a social media expert on how to make the most of social media

What social platforms are available for this package?

Our services are available for all major social media platforms:

✅ Facebook ✅ Instagram ✅ Twitter ✅ Pinterest

Requirements needed to get started
  • Your brand details and niche/category.
  • Your chosen  Social Media platform for this package.
Extras included
Tailored Action Plan
Marketing Strategy Report
Customer Segmentation
Promotional Campaign
Unlimited revisions allowed
Delivery time
Up to 30 days