2 days Express Amazon Product Research For Fba Private Label

Limited Time Amazon Product Research Gig for USA ONLY
Being an amazon seller myself I understand the importance of product research and how it can all go wrong at this critical stage making it the #1 reason why sellers fail.

Do you want a product that has:

  • Low average reviews making it possible for you to make lots of sales with minimal reviews?
  • 300+ average monthly sales which indicate high demand?
  • Evergreen-No seasonality and allows you to make sales all year?
  • Not oversized ensuring you pay lower fulfillment and storage fees?
  • Not in a gated category and you can start selling right away?
  • Not patented/no copyright issues & Allows you NOT to worry about any unforeseen legal disputes?
  • Products with room for improvement so that you can outsell your competitors effortlessly?

Average Monthly Revenue 7k-15k

FREE in depth keyword research
FREE recommended target keywords for launch + giveaway number to rank
FREE Competition projection at launch-SUPER IMPORTANT


Add your low competition high profit Amazon product research to your cart today!
Requirements needed to get started
To prevent us from selecting a product that you are already selling please indicate to us what products you are already selling.
Private labeled products provided
1 private label product
1 revision allowed
Delivery time
Up to 3 days