Trademark Clearance Search: Secure Brand Registry Quickly

Hello, I’m Robert Wright - a private label law attorney and successful Amazon seller.  I’m here to help you ensure that the brand name you’ve chosen for your private label is unique enough to secure formal registration quickly and cost-effectively.  

My Trademark Clearance Search includes the following … 
(1) ClearCustomance Search
Markify is a smart, AI-driven search tool used by the world’s leading trademark attorneys to ensure that their client’s marks won’t create confusion with any pre-registered marks.  The solution combs through 50 trademark databases (United States, Europe, and Canada, to name a few) with a 99%+ accuracy rate. Your custom Markify report will show whether your brand name is unique such that Brand Registry process can be navigated quickly and cost-effectively.   

(2) On Demand Walkthrough of Your Search
 I’ll provide an on-demand, recorded walkthrough n of your personalized Markify report, so
you’ll know exactly where your trademark stands in terms of protectability and registerability.  

(3) Full Access to My Protecting Your Brand Masterclass 
You’ll receive complete, instant access to my comprehensive Protecting Your Brand on Amazon Masterclass. The mini-course will provide you with a peek into some of the most common legal issues private label sellers face on Amazon and arm you with tips and tricks for how to handle those issues when you encounter them in your business.  

The bottom line is that the foundation for any legitimate private label business is a unique trademark.  And without one, you’re leaving yourself open to a world of vulnerability and plateauing your profits before you even get started.

Create peace of mind in your private label business by clearing your brand name with my Trademark Clearance Search package today!  

Requirements needed to get started
To get started, I'll need the following information:

1.  What is your brand name?
2.  Do you have a logo?
3.  What types of products are you selling?
4.  In which countries are you selling your products?
5.  When did you start selling your products?
Delivery time
Up to 3 days