Amazon Review Boost with German Amazon Mail Sequence

Dear sellers! Today, I have an interesting offer for you. As you already noticed, it is quite difficult to generate reviews.

In fact, the organic review rate is estimated at around 3-7%. Often even below 3%. Even worse, the possibility to get bad reviews is even higher than to get positive ones. Thus, it becomes more to difficult for you to balance bad reviews.

Since you are here, you are already aware of this problem and also did your homework regarding possible solutions. Basically, there are not many options to boost your review rate in an ethical and legal way.

  1. Mail: Shipping/Purchase Confirmation
  2. Mail: First Review Request
  3. Mail: Second Review Reminder
  4. BONUS: Refund Request Follow Up

All of them will have a friendly and personal tone, presenting you as a customer-centric seller. Your customers will know, that customer satisfaction is a very serious business for you.

Your customers will also know, that they can have an impact on the overall Amazon experience by providing feedback and reviews. People love to have an impact and they love the help other people. With this mail sequnce, you will be able to take advantage of this!

Benefit of my profound knowledge and sensibility of the German language and boost your reviews!
Requirements needed to get started
  • Your name and your role
  • Brand name and product name
2 revisions allowed
Delivery time
Up to 5 days