Unique Niche Ideas for Merch by Amazon sellers

How to find winning niche for merch by amazon?

If you are looking for less saturated yet high rank niches for your Merch by Amazon shirts, you are at the right place. 

Merch by Amazon unique niche ideas: Here is one of all times niche. See Images. It is only having 707 other designs available on Merch by amazon and 2 of them are already ranking in 500,000 on featured page. 

For many that join Merch by Amazon its a great place to begin. You can actually start it for free to very low cost. Some areas where Merchers usually invest their money are:
Shirts designs
learning to design
But a very important area is left out.
Niche hunt
With Merch by Amazon getting so popular, finding great unique niche is very important to drive sales. 

Great Unique Niche consists of following: 

1. BSR: Below 500,000
2. Less competitors 

Requirements needed to get started
Merch Account 
Private labeled products provided
1 private label product
0 revisions allowed
Delivery time
Up to 24 hours
Frequently asked questions
Will this unique niche idea drive sales?

Yes and Maybe. Our system will provide you unique niche idea that has less competitors on Merch by Amazon with Best Seller Ranking below 500,000. We do not guarantee it will drive sales for 100% because sales are also dependent on the design and keywords created by you.

How can I check what is the number of competitors on this unique niche?

We will provide you a screen shot from amazon with certain information blurred or removed. But you will be able to see the number of competitors on that niche in that screen shot.

How to check BSR Best Seller ranking for a shirt?

Go to an Amazon.com product page. That’s the page you see when you click on a product after doing a search on Amazon. Next, you will want to scroll down to the product details portion of the page. To find the BSR of any t-shirt, search for any design, click into the listing, and scroll to the Product Description section. If you’re on the Amazon mobile app, scroll down and click into the “Features and Details” section. This is where you’ll see the BSR.