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Thanks for your interest in my service, If you take 2 minutes of your time and read the description I assure you'll get a TON out of it :)

Have you ever heard "you have to treat with FBA like a real business"?

Of course, there are several aspects of "Real Business" but, as far as marketing, I want to walk you through a proven launch strategy that can make you money and turns your current Amazon-depended, cashflow machine into "Real Business."

what Is a Successful launch?

  • Sell either full price or at max. 20% discount.
Make money from the beginning.

  • you are maximizing the possibility of generating Verified Reviews.
  • Minimizing the chance of getting 1 start reviews
  • Build and grow a list of valuable leads (customers) 
  • build your traffic To sell More On and Off of the Amazon platform.

    If you meet the mentioned above criteria, GOOD JOB! feel free to close this window and enjoy your life, If not, keep reading

    How can I accomplish that goal?
    Well, at the end of the day marketing and selling is all about psychology,
    All of us like to shop, but we don't like being sold, Right?
    So, instead of burning your inventory out with 90% discounts, you have to prompt the potential buyers to purchase it at Full Price.


#1 Target

This is crucial. You need to target the right people who are interested in your product/niche, avoid to target random Bargain hunters, the only thing you're going to get from them, is a HEADACHE.

#2 value

provide FREE content and value (ebook, video, article)

Tip: Regardless of what type of content you're producing, make sure It's a GOOD ONE.

#3 You love this one! Conversion

By now they know how your product can help them to have a more comfortable life! You have shown them a little bit, but they haven't seen the top part, offer your product at a  little discount and EXECUTE it.

You can do it on your own, but if you like to let an expert take care of it, take 30 more seconds:

I have spent hours and hours studying, testing and experimenting with different strategies and structures, proudly I am a Messenger Marketing Expert, certified by manychat the #1 messenger marketing platform in the world, so I know what am I doing.

By purchasing this gig, you get the following for 1 ASIN:

1. a FULLY PERSONALIZED chatbot to automate the whole process

  • Flows for sales, reviews. customer support
  • sequences, Keywords
  • ChatBot management 

2. Facebook Ads Campaign

  • In-depth niche research to target the right people
  • Ad creative
  • Split tests
Campaign management 

3. Help you to select the right strategy based on your goals and resources 

4. Diversify Your revenue streams and Build your source of traffic

5. Sell more On and Off of the Amazon Platform.

It's better to believe It's a FLYWHEEL Effect for your Business.

Whether you're just starting or you're an experienced seller, you have to build your source of external traffic and consequently build a genuine brand that you can rely on. I'm here to help you to accomplish that goal.

Feel Free to reach me out in case of any questions; I'd be more than happy to help.

Requirements needed to get started
  1. manyChat Pro. 
  2. Facebook Business page.
  3. Facebook Ad Account ID
  4. Niche relevant, high-quality content.
  5. Initial Investment On FB Ads ($200-$400)
  6. Influencers (optional)
Extras included
Tailored Action Plan
Marketing Strategy Report
Customer Segmentation
Promotional Campaign
Unlimited revisions allowed
Delivery time
Up to 24 hours