Trademark Filing for USPTO for Brand Registry Amazon

Protect your brand and take control of your Amazon listings.
File for trademark registration in under 15 minutes with My Amazon Guy.

Why do you need a registered trademark on Amazon?

  • Accurate brand representation

  • Powerful search and report tools

  • Ability to remove listings using your brand name

  • Brand-building benefits such as Enhanced Brand Content

Do You Need a Trademark?
YES. Every brand selling their products online needs a trademark. A trademark protects your products and your brand. It means you are the legal owner of your brand, and only those who have your permission can use your brand name or logo. Without it, you have no recourse to another person or company ripping off your stuff. If you spend time and money investing in a new idea and don’t get a trademark or patent in place, someone can start selling your exact product and piggy back off your success.

How Does a Trademark Help me on Amazon?
Having a registered trademark allows you to sign up for brand registry on Amazon. Brand registry gives you access to exclusive tools and benefits, giving your products a competitive edge. With Amazon brand registry, you can:

  • Have more control over Amazon product pages that use your brand name

  • Use exclusive search tools to find possible brand infringement cases

  • Remove listings that incorrectly use your trademarked terms or logos

  • Strengthen your product listings with Enhanced Brand Content and Storefronts
Requirements needed to get started
Fill Out Our Online Form
Complete our quick questionnaire to begin the process. Submit an image of your name or logo mark, if applicable. 

We Search and Compile
We’ll conduct a search to make sure your trademark isn’t too similar to existing trademarks or already in use.  Then, we’ll compile your official application. 

We File with USPTO
Once your trademark application is correctly completed and signed, we’ll file it for you through the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. 

Delivery time
Up to 3 days
Frequently asked questions
$500 charge does not include $275 filing fee with the USPTO you will need to provide CC for that fee paid to the USPTO.