Hello, Vlad is here, I am Chicago based Amazon FBA Expert with Selling and Mentoring experience. I will be happy to navigate you through your Amazon journey and become your personal product researcher. 

Product research based on the following criteria:

- High Margins and ROI
- Low BSR 
- Lower reviews and room for product improvement, 
- No legal issues(patents), trendy based on google trends, no glass or breakable
- No gated or restricted category
- Easy to manufacture and ship
- Small/large standard size
- Solid monthly sales

I will be delivering 4 product ideas for you.


BONUS#1: for all my clients I’ll be providing list of resources and web-sites listed below:
*Track my ranking on Amazon
*See my profits 
*Inventory Management
*Email services
*Listing optimization services
*Prevent suspension websites 
*FBA seller loans 
*Review tracker 
*Sell product outside amazon resources 
*Brand registry resources 
*lawyers specializing on Amazon 
*Tax preparation and tax services 
*Get ungated in restricted categories resources
* and more

BONUS#2: for all my clients I’ll be providing list of 99 ultimate hacks to outperform your competitors and skyrocket your sales

Please reach out to me if you are interested,

Requirements needed to get started
No special requirements 
Private labeled products provided
4 private label products
0 revisions allowed
Delivery time
Up to 5 days