This package includes three total images, per our agreed upon shot list. 2 lifestyle images, on ghost image.
Setup and location fee to be paid separately.

Best Foot Forward Photography Builds Custom Packages to cover all of your needs! I am your One Stop Shop for:
  • White Background Photos
  • Lifestyle Photos
  • Infant Product Photography
  • Infographics

I have an experienced team waiting to help get you on the path to selling success across many online platforms! I can help you stand above the rest in today's competitive and growing market.
My 100% rating shows my dedication to my clients.
I am here to build a lasting relationship with you- my success stems from your success. I'm willing to go the extra mile to make your photos 
Let's tackle the competition together!
With over four years experience strictly photographing for online companies and sellers, I am happy to use my experience to guide you in this process, making suggestions that I feel are relevant to your product or project. 

Best Foot Forward Photography has been helping sellers of all magnitudes list their products with crisp photography. From single Amazon sellers to large corporations, we're ready to jump in and fulfill your specific photography needs.
We excel in all aspects of photography: hard goods, soft goods, reflective items. 
If you can ship it, I can shoot it!
Requirements needed to get started
Ship your product to me.
You will send your product(s) to:
Jessica Smith
BFF Photography
614 Main Street
Dalton, NE 69131

Please ensure your product is in its best form! Any imperfections in your product or packaging can make for less than desirable photos. All items should be in new, unused condition.

Your detailed shot list.
To ensure success in our session, I will require a detailed shot list from you. Your shot list must give a general explanation of each shot or reference an example photo.
Please include any necessary model requirements so I am able to recruit the right model for your product- this streamlines the process and allows me to schedule shoots closest to the arrival date of your product. Gender, age range, or any other required specifications should be included.

If you want to make alterations to your shot list, please reach out prior to shoot date to ensure it is noted on your shot list. 
If there are any issues with your images, please do not hesitate to reach out to me. 
I am here to help you! Please reach out to me for any questions.
Number of images
3 images included per package
File formats provided
0 revisions allowed
Delivery time
Up to 7 days
Frequently asked questions
What is the difference between White Background, Lifestyle, Composite, and Infographics?
White background- any image featuring ONLY your product. NO use of props, NO use of models.
Lifestyle- any image that features props, a location or background, or use of a model.
Composite- a single image that features multiple photographs within the image; these are commonly used to focus on details or show multiple uses of the product within one image.
Infographic- an image that features text or graphics to tell customers about your product, special features, measurements, comparisons, etc.

What is the cost?
Since all projects are unique and custom-built, I do not provide a one-package-fits-all cost. You will know the total cost of your project before we get started, so there are no hidden surprises!
Generally speaking, most products fit into the following costs:
White Background: $25
Lifestyle: $50, Infant Lifestyle: $100
Model Fee: $25 per model, $40 for fitness models.
Composite: $30 + cost of images featured
Infographics: Varies upon complexity. Typically $50-$75

Additional Fees Apply For:
Fresh produce
Fresh flowers
Steam treatment of soft goods (highly recommending for removing wrinkles and helping shape cloth products!)
Specific props not on-hand

Please reach out for a quote specific to your needs.

Is there a preferred method of shipment?
USPS, UPS, and FedEx all work great when shipping your product to me.
If you would like your product back, please include a pre-paid shipping label.
USPS is the quickest method for us to return your product, followed by UPS.
Shipments returned via FedEx must include FedEx pickup services.

Do you have models?
I have a diverse crew of models: Males & females of all ages, fitness models, children, and also infant models make up our team. We are excited to bring your product to life! Just let me know your specifications and I will begin working to find the right model to wrap up your project quickly!

What is the turn around time?
White backgrounds that do not require models are completed within five days of your product arriving to the studio.
Model images are completed within a week.
Infant model images require two weekends, giving us some cushion time to reschedule or try again in the event of uncooperative, fussy models.

Do you do re-shoots?
In the event of errors on my part, I will absolutely reshoot your product to provide photos match your shot list and are crisp and in-focus. I will deliver to you our agreed upon shot list. 

If after seeing the images you want another take from another angle, I am happy to take additional photos for you at an additional fee.