Keyword Research | For Listing Creation and PPC Campaigns

Having a good keyword list is crucial for any product. No matter if you are only just launching or if you are trying to build profitable PPC campaigns.

Simply exporting the top search volume keywords from a keyword tool isn't going to be enough.

What we do for you:

We find the TOP keywords for your listing and your PPC campaigns using the best keyword tools on the market.
Not only do we find keywords directly related to your product. We also research the keywords of your top 10 competitors and list them according to search volume and relevancy.


  • Tips for an SEO optimized title (or review of your already existing title)
  • Tips for keywords to use in PPC campaigns

Advantages for you

  • Price lower than the monthly subscription fee for a keyword research tool
  • We take this part of the guesswork out of your business. Focus your time and energy on selling. 
Requirements needed to get started
You Product's ASIN or a link to your listing.

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