2 Winning Products (U.S) + 3 Bonus Gifts

U.S Marketplace Only! For other markets send me a message!!!!

AMZ Sellers!!  I got a question for you: Are you getting stuck doing product research and coming out confused, overwhelmed or empty handed?

Don't worry we got you covered!!!

Product Research
is essential in having a successful amazon listing. If you don't get this right, everything else you do will not work. The marketplace is getting smarter, more competitive, but that doesn't mean there is not much products left, on the contrary the opportunity to sell in 2020 is better than ever.

Here is what you will get

  •   Products with Revenue between $7K - $35K 
  •   Products with 120 reviews or less 
  •   Average selling price that make sense to you between $16 - $45
  •  Products with 35% - 50% Profit Margins and 110% + ROI
  •   No patent or trademark problems 
  •   Products where you can improve (ratings at 4.5 or below)
  •  Weights less than 3 pounds 
  •   List of 3 suppliers for the product

 As a bonus I will give you a 224 page PDF on Selling in Amazon in 2020 + My Special PPC Launch Formula + A Supplier Contact Template (Normally I charge $20 for these bonuses) 

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Requirements needed to get started

Just seat back and relax, let me find you some great products! 
Private labeled products provided
2 private label products
1 revision allowed
Delivery time
Up to 3 days
Frequently asked questions
How does Revisions Work?
1 Revision = 1 Product  (even if you purchased multiple products, i can only give you 1 product per revision due to the complexity of product research in comparison to the prices I'm charging).

Why should I use your service?
I have being at the amazon game for 2+ years and I know the in and outs of amazon. And also I am a real amazon seller not like some other people claiming to be sellers.

Do you use free or paid softwares?
There are many free websites that you can do product research in, but the difference with paid tools is that you get the best of the best products. I use secret tactics in combination with paid tools to find the best products to sell.

Do you do any other Marketplaces?
Yes, I can definitely do other marketplaces, but this job in particular is for the U.S  marketplace. Send me a quick message if you are interested in other marketplaces.