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How to Build a successful and sustainable brand!

I am an expert in helping your business grow and become a market leader! 

Successful Branding consists of tactical and image messaging reinforcing one another based on a clear strategy.
I can help you:
•    Develop a successful brand strategy
•    Create content messaging 
•    Connect emotionally to your customer base
•    Differentiate you from your competition
•    Create "a look" for your products 
•    Create Brand awareness 
•    Increase growth 
•    Build your brand 
Why me? 
I bring a multi-lens perspective. 
What makes me better?
 I have seen how to build a successful brand from being:
•    A Copywriter 
•    A Creative Director 
•    An Art director 
•    Production manager
•    Moreover, a Small business Owner
My experience comes from:
•    Learning my craft from the people that have created Iconic Brands
•    Been responsible for the creative product for advertising budgets above 35 million
•    Working with small businesses with limited budgets directly with owners 
•    Creating messaging for a diverse number of industries
•    Working on all kinds of products and services 
•    Proven track record
•    30 years of success 
Here is a link to some of the industries and businesses that I have worked with:

It's about relationships.
It's about developing trust between you and your clients. My track record speaks for itself.

This is the "Big picture strategy" and making sure all the pieces are integrated to a clear, creative, persuasive focused brand communication effort.

When you work with me, you are working with someone that has exceptionally high standards of excellence, passionate about providing you with the best work possible and I am a partner with you, not a vendor.
I learned from the best, and I am passionate about providing you with the best strategy, content, and images possible. More about me:
Additional services: Marketing Strategy/Brand Building, Campaign Creation, Tagline Development, Competitive Analysis, Creative Concept in both Tactical and Image executions, graphic design, logos, and product rollouts.

Requirements needed to get started
A phone, computer, an existing website, email, and about an hour of your time.
Delivery time
Up to 24 hours
Frequently asked questions
So what is this exactly?
Consulting time (about an hour) to discuss where your brand is currently, and where you want to go.
How do you do this?
Typically over the phone, or we can schedule a video conference.

How do we start?
You call me, at 713-416-8422 to schedule our meeting time. If we miss, Leave me a name and a phone number, and say "Jungle."
I will get back to you promptly.

What is the agenda of the call?
This is the "Overarching brand strategy" and making sure all the pieces are integrated to a clear, creative, persuasive, focused, brand communications effort.

Current situational analysis? What is that?
An assessment of what you are currently doing to promote, and communicate your business product, services in all media, on-line, off-line. I take a look at what you have out there. (after you call me)

Do I need a full time marketing manager?
No, you just need one that gets you on track and you can call as needed. (What's working, what's not working? How to fix it.)

Ok, what 's next?
Based on thirty plus years of successful brand building, I present you with an action plan to move forward, and associated costs. This is typically done in phases.