Legendary Product Research

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I'm 110% sure I am the right person for you in doing the Product Research on Amazon and not only. I have a team of 11 people including me and we proudly launched over 300 different products in many categories in the last year only. We have our own sourcing agent in China for the Product Sourcing, we have a team of one photographer and two designers and we also have a team of 4 to cover the Facebook Ads. And lastly, I'm taking care of the most important task, which is the Product Research and Listing Optimization, along with my 2 students.

Legendary Product Research

 - Business Plan & Projections for each product based on your investment budget and goals
- Contact of a Premium Supplier from China based on: 
 -> Production price
 -> Quality
 -> Production Leadtime
- BONUS - Ranking Strategy

Product Research – THE most important phase when launching a new product on Amazon

Criteria to apply when starting your Product Research :


1.    Budget available for investment – Based on the budget available we can determine the selling price range of the future product. When calculating the budget we have to take into consideration the Production Leadtime, Shipping Timelines and Sales Velocity. Why ? Well, it is to maintain good Inventory Management which is at the heart of your profitability
2.    Retail Price of the product
PRO TIP: With a minimum budget of $20,000 available for investment to start your Amazon FBA Business, we can focus searching for products with a retail price between $80 - $140. These products are way less competitive than the cheaper ones.
3.   Size & Weight – For most of our clients, we focus on small and lightweight products.The main reason is to reduce the Shipping cost and Storage Fees charged by Amazon. However, we are here to be game changers and we do our utmost every time to differentiate your  product from the competition by selecting Medium to Large products. As a general rule though, a lightweight product is ideal, but this doesn’t mean we should ignore heavier products.
4.    Improvability & Unicity – We always want your product to be unique and to solve the problems people have with the competitor’s products. We help you find a product that has room for improvement. It also means we avoid getting Hijacked and that we ensure we don’t get the same bad reviews as your competitors. We start your business with these goals in mind: Create and grow a brand then increase its success by adding new products. One last thing: If it’s a CONSUMABLE product, then we are really cooking on gas!!!

 5.    Shippable – We avoid Fragile products or the those that can easily break or be damaged. For the same reasons we avoid “ complicated products” as well.

6.    Seasonality – As a Startup on Amazon, we want our product to bring us profit all year round and not just for 3-4 months a year.
 PRODUCT VALIDATION – Now we know what your future product should look like. But this is not enough to be sure that your product will be a success and dominate  your niche. Once we have found a product based on the above criteria and it meets the criteria below as well, then and only then do we know that we’ve found YOUR first WINNER! 
It’s adhering to these strict criteria which makes all the difference when it comes to finding a really good product and being  able to launch it successfully.
Other criteria we take in consideration when doing the Product Research:
·        Perishable or Non-perishable
·        Hazardous or Non-hazardous
·        Flammable or Non-flammable
·        Toxic or Non-toxic
·        B2B

Always happy to talk about Amazon, let me know what you decide and we can schedule a call.

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Over Kaan

Requirements needed to get started
1. Available Budget for Investment – $ - $ per ASIN
2. Aimed Net Profit Margin % - 
3. Estimated Annual Revenue – $ per ASIN
4. Category/Niche (if any) - 
Private labeled products provided
3 private label products
1 revision allowed
Delivery time
Up to 14 days
Frequently asked questions
Do I get only 1 product when I purchase the Legendary Product Research service?

A: No. We always create a list with 3 different products for you to choose from, based on our recommendations. If none of the 3 products presented is not satisfying you, we will present you one new product based on the same criteria.

How long does it takes to finish the Product Research?

A: We need between 10-14 days to have the products ready.