Legendary A to Z New Product Launch

Hey there,

I'm 110% sure I am the right person for you in launching your new product and not only. I have a team of 11 people including me and we proudly launched over 300 different products in many categories in the last year only. We have our own sourcing agent in China for the Product Sourcing, we have a team of one photographer and two designers and we also have a team of 4 to cover the Facebook Ads. And lastly, I'm taking care of the most important task, which is the Product Research and Listing Optimization, along with my 2 students.

Your Legendary A to Z New Product Launch will include the following :

Complete Business Plan including Sales Projections

New Brand Creation - If necessary (Trademark Registration Assistance)

Product Research & Sourcing your product from a Premium Supplier

Packaging Design

Receiving & Validating the Samples

Product Manufacturing Supervising

Listing Creation & Optimization

Shipping and Delivery Management

Detailed preparation of the Backend Settings

Assistance to obtain quality Reviews

Creation of the PPC Campaigns

Launching the product - We are LIVE on Amazon!

BONUS – Ranking Strategy


Get the full benefit of our team explaining and teaching you all the processes at the right time! Learn from us the secrets you need to know and apply to successfully run & scale your Amazon Business after your product is LIVE on Amazon

Always happy to talk about Amazon, let me know what you decide and we can schedule a call.

Have a great one,
Over Kaan 

Requirements needed to get started
1. Available Budget for Investment – $- $ per ASIN
2. Aimed Net Profit Margin % - 
3. Estimated Annual Revenue – $ per ASIN
4. Category/Niche (if any) – 
Consulting hours
More than 15 hours of consulting included
Extras included
Seller Central Audit
Pricing Audit
Keyword Research
Competitive Analysis
Listing Optimization
Paid Ad Audit
Marketing Strategy
Product Research
Brand Protection
Delivery time
Up to 30 days
Frequently asked questions
What do I have to do once we start working on the New Product Launch Package?

A: Nothing but to ask questions and learn. Basically we take care of each task until the product is Live for sale on Amazon. We definitely recommend you learning the process once we start working so you’ll know how to do it yourself in the future for the next products. 

How long does it takes to finish a Legendary New Product Launch project?

A: Since Day 1 of the Product Research until your new product is available for sale on Amazon it takes on average 60 days.