I Will Do Any Photoshop Edit , Image Retouch etc

Hello There
Welcome to My Services
I will retouch and edit photos or images professionally in Photoshop as per the requirements of clients.
My Services for photo or image retouching and given below:
 1. Color Correction 
 2. Blemishes Removal  
 3. Pimples Removal 
 4. Whitening Teeth 
 5. Skin Smoothing (High or Light Smoothing) 
 6. Eye Color Change 
 7. Image Noise Reduction 
 8. Unwanted Objects Removal 
 9. Background remove 
 10. Cool Effects (Vignette, Fish Eye and many more)  
Many More Services
If you need anything special regarding editing and retouching of your photos that is not mentioned above listed services you can contact me to discuss your need or requirement.
Before placing an order please contact me to discuss the requirements to be on the same page.
Fast & Quick Delivery!
Money Back Guarantee!

 a. LOGO Design 
 b. Social media covers  
 c. Business Card design 
 d. Flyers, Posters 
 e. Image Tracing  
 f.  Website banners 
 g. Brochure design
    and alot more
Why choose Me ?? 
 1. Years of EXPERIENCE in Photoshop. 
 2. Quick Responsiveness. 
 3. Unlimited revisions until 100% customer satisfaction. 
 4. EXPRESS Delivery 
 5. Friendly Communication.
Requirements needed to get started
To achieve the desired results a clear brief with precise instructions is needed. 
Images in a common format (such as JPEG, PNG etc) need to be provided, possibly in high resolution or ideally in a RAW format. A better quality image will give you great results.
Editing type
Not Defined
Number of images
1 image included per package
File formats provided
Extras included
Source File
High Resolution
Commercial Use
Unlimited revisions allowed
Delivery time
Up to 3 days
Frequently asked questions
What type of files can be edited?
I can edit JPEG or PNG images, however it is recommended to keep your RAW images (if possible) for basic photo editing because the retouch process will be more flexible, with a wider color range.

What do I have to do after placing an order?
As soon as you place an order please make sure you gave all the necessary instructions. Double check if all the images are attached correctly or the download link (Dropbox or Google Drive) is working properly.

What file format will I be receiving?
The final image will be delivered in JPEG or PNG, in the same resolution as the image you provided unless you specify otherwise.

Do you offer special discounts for a larger batch of images?
Yes, I give discounts but please message me first before placing an order. I need to know the total amount of images and then I'll be sending you a custom offer with suitable pricing.

Can you fix a blurry photo?
Yes, but there are LIMITATIONS. Once the picture is taken blurry there is no way a program can invent details that are lost. The sharpness the program adds is artificial and that is why it is best to get the picture right in the camera first.

Do you provide Stock images?
No, I do not. I only work on images that the client provided.

Is there anything you do not do?
I do not edit  documents, adult, abusive or illegal content, and trademark logos. I only edit the images for which the buyer owns the rights.