Stylish Product Photography Customizable Bundle With Model

I offer professional product photography that is stylish, affordable, and has a fast turn around. 

This bundle is customizable, including 10 photos and a model. You can see how another client has customized their bundle if you look at the images section of this page. The client with the brown passport holder had 2 lifestyle photos with model, and 8 photos on the white background, 4 of those photos making up a composite image. 

If you like my photography, message me, and let's chat about details. 

Please make sure I have received your product before purchasing the bundle! 
Requirements needed to get started
What the process looks like:
  1. Message me to go over details. At this point we will mutually decide if we want to work with one another, & communicate on how the bundle will be customized. 
  2. Send me your product. If you would like me to include props, send them with your product. If you want me to return your product and/or props please include a return shipping label. Please only send finished products that are ready to be sold. 
  3. You purchase my bundle. Upon receiving your product, I will message you to purchase my bundle. Once I see that you have purchased my bundle I will proceed to #4.
  4. I photograph your product. I ask for 7 days to allow me to schedule a model, however, I could be done 24 hours after receiving your product if the model is available that day. 
  5. I edit the product photography. This is when I edit the backgrounds pure white if thats how you've customized it, or if you have asked for info design this is when I add that. I also always do minor touch ups to make sure the product looks great. 
  6. I send you the images in JPG high resolution through a Google Drive link. 
  7. (Optional) I send you back your products and/or props if you provide me with a return shipping label. 
Number of images
10 images included per package
File formats provided
Extras included
Source File
High Resolution
Commercial Use
0 revisions allowed
Delivery time
Up to 7 days
Frequently asked questions
Infographics, Lifestyle, and White background are all the same price at $30 per photo. 

Composite images are more than $30, i.e. an image that is made up of 2 photos in one image is priced as 2 photos, not 1 photo. 

Model is included with the package at $99 per model!

If you need more than 10 photos, each additional photo is $20 after the first 10! 

If you don't need a model please check out my other bundles! The fee for the model is worked into this price.