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BEST DEAL: Confirm if your product is a WINNER or LOSER

Hello everyone;

I have been fortunate enough to launch multiple successful products on Amazon & A LOT of people ask:

"If you're so successful on (Amazon/Shopify) why are you selling on Jungle Scout Market?" 

The answer is simple; because I genuinely enjoy helping others. I started doing product research back in 2012 to help fund my first product & never stopped!

With over 7 years selling on Amazon, i realized that there's a huge gap in profit margins between experienced sellers and beginners. The genesis of this problem being Product Research.

My philosophy is that there's more than enough room for everyone to grow. With 100million+ worldwide monthly engaged shoppers on Amazon, there's no reason why you shouldn't have at least one product bringing HUGE daily profits.

There are lots of expert sellers that made well over 1 million dollars off ONE SINGLE PRODUCT.

--But where can you find such life-changing products?

For this gig:

--I can help you confirm if the product you found is a WINNER OR LOSER

I'll be considering the following factors:
 ✔ Profit Margins
 ✔ Seasonality
 ✔ Legal Issues
 ✔ Room for improvement
 ✔ Competition
 ✔ Demand
 ✔ Available Suppliers
 ✔ Shipping


Join the winning team today!

==if you have any question, Feel free to contact me==  
Requirements needed to get started
I'll need the following info:
- Send a link to your product biggest competitor

- The major keyword of the product

Private labeled products provided
1 private label product
0 revisions allowed
Delivery time
Up to 24 hours