2 Winning Products: 5,000+/month - Custom Order


Hello everyone;

I have been fortunate enough to launch multiple successful products on Amazon & A LOT of people ask:

"If you're so successful on (Amazon/Shopify) why are you selling on Jungle Scout Market?" 

The answer is simple; because I genuinely enjoy helping others. I started doing product research back in 2012 to help fund my first product & never stopped!

With over 7 years selling on Amazon, i realized that there's a huge gap in profit margins between experienced sellers and beginners. The genesis of this problem being Product Research.

My philosophy is that there's more than enough room for everyone to grow. With 100million+ worldwide monthly engaged shoppers on Amazon, there's no reason why you shouldn't have at least one product bringing HUGE daily profits.

There are lots of expert sellers that made well over 1 million dollars off ONE SINGLE PRODUCT.

--But where can you find such life-changing products?

--I can help you find the right product by using several apps and software to collect product analytics!

My offer is for 2 Potential Winners for just $149.95! Guaranteed to pay for itself on your first week.

My Search Criteria:
✔Low Pricing
✔High Profit Margins
✔High Demand
✔Easily Sourced
✔Low Reviews
✔Room For Improvements
✔No Patented products
✔No FDA or other legal issues

Contact me first you require specific product CATEGORIES, METRICS OR SEARCH TERMS

What to expect with each product delivery:

  • Name
  • Analysis Report on ( Excel or PDF )
  • Selling Price
  • Cost Price
  • Profits
  • Profit Margin
  • Supplier's link
  • Product's photos (FROM SUPPLIER OR COMPETITOR)

FOR USA AMAZON.COM ONLY, Contact me for other countries or marketplaces

          ✔️    PRODUCTS ARE NOT SHARED    ✔️ 

                                   Fast Delivery
                      Client Satisfaction Guaranteed

==if you have any question, Feel free to contact me==  
Requirements needed to get started
Private labeled products provided
2 private label products
3 revisions allowed
Delivery time
Up to 5 days
Frequently asked questions
How fast can you deliver?
I can deliver in 24-48 hours for an extra $20, standard delivery is 5 days.

What should I Expect?
  1. Name
  2. Analysis Report on ( Excel / Google Sheets )
  3. Selling Price
  4. Cost
  5. Profits
  6. Profit Margin
  7. Supplier's link
  8. Product's photos

What tools do you use for research?
I use the best tools in the market: Jungle Scout, Viral Launch, Sonar, Helium 10 and Keepa for pricing.

Do you offer custom searches?
Yes but you have to contact me first before placing order, custom searches incurs an additional fee.

Is there a guarantee on your products? Will they actually sell?
here are no guarantees as there are lots of variable factors that are totally up to you to leverage. Some of which includes the Premium branding & packaging, eye-catching photography/videography, keyword-rich listing description and Targeted PPC campaigns, you could do well over $5000 in monthly profits (not revenue).

Will my products be shared with someone else or another buyer?
Products are NOT shared with anyone else

Do you factor in the number of reviews in the products you will suggest?
Yes, average reviews of top 10 sellers would be added in my report.

Do you include expected number of sales or revenue for each product?
Most certainly! these are vital metrics that determines winners.

Can I request for the products to be in a particular field of interest?
Absolutely, contact me to confirm if it's within my search capabilities.

Do you consider product shipping costs in the profit margins?
We do consider the cost of each product, but we do NOT consider shipping cost. Due to the fact that shipping costs can be negotiated with third party companies, there's no accurate way to measure cost of shipping of each item.

Do you include product improvement suggestions in your report?
Suggested improvements are NOT included in this report but can be arranged for an additional smaller fee.

For the supplier link you provide, will that be a supplier you've worked with before?
We've worked with over 100 Alibaba suppliers so there's a possibility, but research are made for current winning products. Suppliers of current winners could be new to the market. We usually recommend local or factory sourcing for higher ROI.

How many revisions do you offer and how does it work?
We 3 revisions (1 per product) Revisions are only valid when the preferred search Criteria is not met. If every search criteria is met, there would be no revisions or refunds