Launch To Page One Using Manychat & Facebook Ad's

(Please read the whole ad including the FAQ's and feel free to message me with any concerns or questions)

So have you heard all this talk about how good chatbots are?...but you just don't know how to set it all up.

Well, that's where we come in, we can provide a fully done for your launch service, but rather than keeping all the customer contacts to ourselves they will be collected into your very own Manychat account...

Allowing you to re-market to them at a later date. for example, Follow up to request a Review or to Launch future products and with an open rate of 88% compared to E-Mail at 17%, It really is a no brainer that these message bots really are the way forward.

We are constantly testing and launching new products for ourselves and for our clients, so we know what works and what doesn't...!!

When it comes to launching we have it pretty much nailed down to a few different strategies that work like wildfire to rank your product in conjunction with the latest Amazon algorithm updates.

What Launch Options are there?
  1. Unique Coupon Deep discount bot - We will provide a 55-80% discount through the bot using unique coupons. (you can not follow up for review as these are deep discounts)
  2. Rebate bot - We will offer a rebate of 100% off the product value through Manychat to the customer once they confirm the purchase ID the money will be sent to their PayPal - We have had great results with this strategy, as amazon sees them as full-priced purchases that will provide you with extra rank, as a result, you can also follow up to request reviews.

Please keep in mind that the better the offer is on the facebook ad the cheaper the ad spend will be, for a 20% discount I have paid as high as $8 in ad spend for a purchase, but for a 100% rebate as low as $0.25 per purchase.

What Benefits has the Bot got?
  • Rank for your relevant keywords.
  • Control your own launch.
  • Build a list that you can send broadcast messages to - Launch other products to the same list at a later date.
  • With the rebate bot, we will receive full price salse to the ranking will be extremely strong and hold its position with no issues.
  • if you use the rebate model you can receive reviews like no other strategy, we actually have to slow them down with a randomiser inside the bot.

WHAT'S INCLUDED IN THE PACKAGE (per one product): 
  • I will customise the flows relevant to your product and set the bot up in your Manychat account.
  • I will set up Super URLs and suggest keywords to target suited to your budget (unless you decide on a search and seek strategy that works very well at the moment)
  • I will do keyword research for you and advise how many units you require to sale to rank. 
  • I will setup up ZonPages integration to the bot for the rebate system to operate or for the unique coupon system to work.
This element is an extra $245 so if you would like me to manage the advertising for you, please inform me over messenger.
  • I will set up the copy for a facebook ad and install the JASON code with some tried and tested copy that works very well.
  • I will require a creative/picture or slideshow for the ad
  • I will set up and run your Facebook ads for the 8-day launch, this will include target research, split testing, and general optimisation of your ads to ensure we are receiving the correct amount of sales 
  • I will maintain and monitor the ads and chatbot functionality for the 8-day launch
Requirements needed to get started
I will need the following accounts set up with access provided - please contact me before setting accounts up.
  1. Zonpages with the Business plan and integrated to your seller central account (I can help with the integration if required).
  2. Manychat Pro account.
  3. Your product URL
  4. A picture or better a slideshow for the facebook ad.
  5. The keyword you would like us to target, however, we will do some keyword research and advise how many units we need to sale to launch.
  6. Agreement on discount % or rebate % that we will provide (remember the better the offer the cheaper the FB ad spend)

Only required if FB element is taken
  1. (Essential full account - I have a discount code just message me) 
  2. Facebook business account with FB brand page.

Delivery time
Up to 7 days
Frequently asked questions
Who pays for Facebook ads?
The Ad's are run from your FB Business account that will require you to have your card details set up prior to starting, we will also require a budget to work with normally $100-500 (depending on the product and discount).

Is this safe and within Amazon TOS? 
Yes, everything we are doing is within TOS, as far as Amazon is concerned we are driving outside traffic to there site that they have been known to actually reward your account, as you will be driving new traffic to amazon.

Will I receive Verified Reviews?
This is not a review package however, I can set a review sequence follow up for the rebate option but I will need to add a randomiser and spread it over 2-4 weeks so they do not all come flooding in at once.

But I don't know how to run Facebook Ads?
if you have no experience with Facebook ads, that is not a problem, but for optimal effects, I would recommend having us manage the launch, then all you need to do is sit back and relax.

Will I receive verified reviews?
Yes,  on the Rebate Strategie but with the discount model if you provide more than a 25% discount you will not receive verified reviews, however, Amazon has also blocked reviews coming from customers who are subscribed to most deal sites that other product launch services use. Since we use unique Facebook audiences, even if a customer buyers your product at a deep discount they'll still be able to leave un-verified reviews.