⭐ 8 PREMIUM Product Photos ❗❗ W/ Pro Retouching

*We are new to JSM! But we have almost 2 years of experience dealing with FBA sellers. We have a website that you can check out if you want to see more examples of our work and learn more about us: https://www.surephotos.net/

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❓ Why Sure Photo Studios ❓

At Sure Photo Studios, we believe that product images are the most influential factor to consider when purchasing the product.

Having great product photos is one of the few things on your listing that can give the consumer a visceral interpretation of your product - giving buyer's the confidence to purchase.

There's quite a bit of psychology involved when it comes to creating the right photos that warrant a scroll stopping impression.

Which is why we always conduct our own research into each market to ensure that we are providing not only super beautiful product images but effective ones that convert.


  • 2 Scroll Stopping Main Images⭐ - (White Background or any other color/gradient of your choosing) 
  • ✅ 2 Enhanced Lifestyle Images - (Live Models not Included, see our other listings) 
  • ✅ 2 Intricately Designed Infographics - (please provide copy & features)
  • ✅ 2 Beautiful Hero/Beauty Images - that give your product the spotlight.
  • ✅ 4 Rounds of Revisions - (1-2 small and reasonable revisions can also be made after these 4 rounds - but NOT after the order is closed and the images are delivered)


  • Choose between natural shadow, reflection, or plain for studio main images - giving you complete design control over the shoot.
  • ⭐ Professional Post-Production & Retouching For Every Image - (see video below for process breakdown)
  • We conduct extensive research for each product we shoot. This allows us to understand the visual standard of your market and tactfully create photos that stand out from your competitors.
  • Amazon Ready PNG Images (PNG format is a lossless compression file format whilst JPG is a lossy compressed file format. In English this basically means PNG images allow for much clearer and crisper zoomability on your product images - enhancing the overall buying experience. And yes, it'll still be under 10mb - we pinky promise.
  •   High-Resolution Accurate Color Calibration - If we mess this up, you can correct us as many times as you like, for free. 


1️⃣ Photographing Extra Props, Foods, or Anything Else Along with Your Product: this will be an extra charge. However, 8/10 we can probably photoshop these items in the image instead for Free!

2️⃣ Super Reflective or Chrome Products: If you wish to eliminate or minimize the reflections, it will also be an extra charge as this is a VERY tedious process and demands great attention and technique.

3️⃣ Products with Several Units: do not count as 1 product unless they are all shot together in 1 image and no complex staging is required, but sometimes this doesn't yield great results.
    The best way is, we photograph each unit individually and then assemble them together in photoshop. This is also an additional charge as we have to setup each unit and adjust the lighting accordingly to match consistency.


  • Resolution: 2500 X 2500 px
  • Crop Ratio: 1:1 square image (or let us know if you have a preferred aspect ratio for one or all your images
  • File format: PNG 
  • Color Space: Adobe sRGB
  • File Size: Less than 10MB per image
  • Main Image: Pure white background (255, 255, 255) AND product fills at least 85% of the canvas.
  • Color: All images are professionally color corrected and white balanced images to represent the most accurate colors. 


This is VERY iMPORTANT please note that we will shoot according to a shot list that will be set up prior to shooting your product. We will confirm this shot list with you before we shoot.

If you are not specific in your instructions all revisions or reshoots will incur a Reshoot / Revision fee of $75 per revision. 

If we mess up or miss something in a shot that you gave clear direction on we will do the reshoot for FREE it's that simple.

To avoid this we will provide some guidance via our intake process to help get very clear about what you are wanting us to create.

If you change your mind after we show you your photos or leave out important details please understand that by making this purchase you are agreeing to this reshoot policy.

 We will do our very best to avoid this however this is needed to protect us from clients endlessly requesting revisions.   

Once you approve a photo proof you will have ONE ROUND of minor revisions that will be FREE. This includes basic retouching, clean up of a product or shadow, etc.

This does not include changing of an angle, photo manipulation, changing your mind after instructions were given or super-advanced retouching like removing all reflections in a metal object.  Due to revision abuse, we can no longer make any exceptions. 
Requirements needed to get started
Your product! Ship over your product to Miami.

If you want us to return your product, please provide a shipping a label with tracking information.

Also, if you have any example images you would like us to draw inspiration from, please send them over - this drastically makes things faster as an image example is the most efficient and effective way to communicate design ideas.

Number of images
8 images included per package
File formats provided
Extras included
Source File
High Resolution
Commercial Use
4 revisions allowed
Delivery time
Up to 7 days
Frequently asked questions

Products larger than 36" on it's the longest side and/or weighs more than 30 lbs will require an additional fee which will be discussed depending on the product. Oversized products demand larger studio spaces and larger white backdrops to shoot against.


Of course! Just send me a message!