Product Research | Customized Based On Your Interests


Almost every single person who has failed selling online has messed this part up.  Brands have failed to see growth because they don’t understand this.
The seller making more than six figures know how important this is.

What am I talking about? Product Research!

Product research is the most important step when it comes to selling on Amazon.  If you don’t get this part right, you will fail.  There are too many competitive sellers on Amazon today to get lucky.  You now have to make your own luck.
Do not leave such an important step to chance.  Let me, with my years of success selling on Amazon, help you find a winning product for 2019!  I have been in the game for almost a decade, and it takes a special touch to know what will work and what doesn't.
Let me use my scientific AND creative skills to find a winning product for you. I will even do it in the niche of your choice.

I will find you the perfect product in your area of interest that sets you up for success on Amazon.

The products will follow basic successful selling criteria to make it easier for you:

Profitable - you can sell the product at a price that makes you money.
Economical - you can source the product for a small rate.
High Margins - you will be able to sell the product for over double what you paid for it.
In Demand - the product will already have a proven sales history, so you can be confident people will buy it.
Big Opportunity - you will be able to offer a better product and establish yourself as a successful seller in the area.
No Hassle - we stay away from products that will require you to go through additional legal or regulatory steps; that way, you will always be able to sell the product we find you.

If you would like to journey outside of those criteria, however, just let me know and we will expand your product opportunities. 

-Your Perfect Product
-In-Depth Research Analysis
-Sourcing Cost
-Your Perfect Selling Point
-Expected Profit Margin
-Sourcing Options
-Bonus Advice 
What Makes My Process The Most Effective?

Identifying the perfect product is not 100% about data nor is it 100% about what your emotions tell you to go with.  It’s about both.  My unique approach combines the proven selling results of hard data with almost a decade of my experience watching products be a success or failure on Amazon.
Requirements needed to get started
All I need to get started is an idea of your interests or which market you think you would like to sell in.  This ensures you will enjoy what you are doing and be more successful.

If you have any special requirements for the product you want to sell, just let me know.
Private labeled products provided
1 private label product
1 revision allowed
Delivery time
Up to 3 days
Frequently asked questions
How do I know the product will actually be successful?
I can’t guarantee you will be selling thousands of units of your new product.  A lot of that depends on how you source, the quality of your listing, your customer experience, your product launch, and more.  I can, however, guarantee that the product I find will be setting you up for success on Amazon.  You just have to do the rest!  Check out my other packages if you want help with anything else.
Is this just from a list of pre-selected products that everyone already has?
Every product that I find is an original product discovery with massive opportunity for you to take advantage of.  Nothing is shared or re-used.  There is plenty of opportunity!

Will you find me a product in my specific niche? 
Definitely!  It’s easier to be successful if you are interested in what you’re selling!