Get More Reviews! Super Effective Follow Up Email Sequence

After meticulous research and A/B testing of different subject lines and body texts we've developed an incredibly simple yet effective sequence of follow-up emails asking customers to leave reviews.

These emails are completely within Amazon's TOS. Though we do not guarantee a certain conversion % we can say that some clients using this sequence have seen over 6% conversion rates.

These are specifically designed for beginner private label sellers.

If you are a large company or recognized brand these will not be suitable for you.

 What's included:

You receive 3 email templates that you can integrate with any follow-up email software as well as an easy to follow instruction sheet about how to set up your email sequence using the software of your choice. 

Requirements needed to get started
Simply send the name of your company or brand and a female first name for the signature of the email. 
0 revisions allowed
Delivery time
Up to 3 days