Amazon Advertising Campaign

Want more eyes on your products? Sponsored Product Ads on Amazon will place your products directly in front of active buyers.

Amazon’s Sponsored Product Ads are sales conversion powerhouses. They typically offer a lower cost per click than Google in an environment where shoppers are more than ready to buy! With the right experts on your side, you can ensure you’re getting the highest ROI and not wasting precious advertising budget.

Here’s what you can expect with Studio’s Amazon Advertising Campaign:
  • Consultation call with your dedicated Amazon ads expert
  • Sponsored products campaign creation
  • Amazon ads account structure
  • Expert keyword research 
  • List of keywords and match types
  • Buyer targeting strategy
  • Ad copy development
  • Strategic bidding

Want more long-term help so you can sit back and relax? Studio’s got you covered. We offer month-to-month, no contract digital advertising services customized to your goals and budget.

Requirements needed to get started
  • Amazon Seller Central account with active products on Amazon
  • Separate ad budget
  • Must be able to advertise sponsored products on Amazon (cannot be in a closed category, adult products, used products, or refurbished products).

Delivery time
Up to 10 days