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Amazon Product Listing SEO

Are your Amazon product listings A9 optimized? SEO isn’t just for your website!

Amazon wants to maintain its authority and trust with buyers by providing them with the most relevant products in response to their searches and history. Amazon’s created its own algorithm and therefore has very unique requirements compared to other giants like Google. But when done right, good Amazon SEO means your products have higher potential for more traffic and resultant sales!

Check out a few perks of Studio’s Amazon Product Listing SEO:
  • Expert keyword research
  • Competitor and missed-opportunity analysis
  • Optimized (SEO) title 
  • Keyword rich text that converts sales and ranks higher in search results
  • Attractive HTML product description that engages shoppers and provides rich keyword content for higher ranking
  • SEO rich bullet points to address all the important aspects of your product, proven to increase sales conversion
  • List of your top PPC keywords
  • Guaranteed Amazon compliant
Requirements needed to get started
  • Existing Amazon store
Delivery time
Up to 10 days