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FBA Forecasting Using Predictive Analysis For 10 ASINS

Are you struggling with determining how much inventory to ship into FBA? 

The restock recommendations can be overzealous and do not account for seasonality. 

Don't get stuck without enough inventory, or potentially ship too much into FBA then suffer the consequences of penalty fees due to the new Performance Index. 

We will provide you with a quarterly usage schedule to streamline your needs saving you money and preventing lost sales. 

Below is an overview of the package: 

  • Forecast future sales using predictive statistical analysis.

  • Ensure accurate stocking for improved cash flow and minimal lost sales.

  • Various confidence levels provided. 

  • Model factors in seasonality, stocking costs, and zero-stock lost sales.

  • Works for all product types including those that have expiration dates. 

  • Delivery in the form of an excel file. 

  • 3-5 day completion time. 

Requirements needed to get started
Please send the last 6 months sales history by child ASIN sales report. 
Private labeled products provided
More than 5 private label products
1 revision allowed
Delivery time
Up to 5 days