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Managing and Optimizing Amazon PPC - 4 products / 1 month

A Pay per click (PPC) campaign, if created and managed properly, can generate more sales. Just creating a campaign and not monitoring the campaign on a regular basis can drastically increase ACoS and minimize sales. If the campaign is managed properly with relevant keywords, eliminating the negative keywords, it can drastically reduce ACoS. This intern increases the sales because of the money spent for the right keywords. It can also help you in increasing your organic rankings. PPC strategy is very critical and varies from client to client, depending on your budget. We can help optimize the product campaigns and maintain it on a monthly  basis. After the monthly service, if you like our work and would want us to continue, we can then set up a quarterly or yearly plan. 

Our CEO, Sanjay Challa, who has more than 20 years of experience in e-commerce business, would personally give you details, expert opinions and will help you step by step in managing and optimizing your Amazon PPC for four products. 

We won’t just work for you but we will work with you in your each and every stage. 

What you can expect from us 

  • Competitor keyword analysis 
  • Keyword Analysis 
  • Increasing sales 
  • Lowering ACoS 
Requirements needed to get started
  • Product listing details 
  • Competitor product links 

Delivery time
Up to 5 days
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