Professional Product Launching Strategy

What is ‘The Ultimate Product Launch Strategy’?

A Simple Guided Execution Plan To launching Your New or Existing Products and taking them from Zero to Page 1 on Amazon. 

Coming up with a launching strategy or even trying to figure out what steps to execute to get your existing product making more sales can be overwhelming…or you might lose a lot of money applying tactics that no longer work... BUT it doesn’t have to be that way.
This step-by-step execution plan will show you exactly how to catapult your Amazon listing on to that desired Page 1 of Amazon. It is built on proven-to-work tactics used by Top 5% Amazon sellers.  
*** If you don't find the information presented useful or if you already knew all the information  presented in the guide, we offer MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - No questions asked!!!
What you'll Get:
1. The ultimate strategy on how to set up your backend fields (BONUS)
·     HOW to professionally fill in your backend fields in Seller Central. 
·     WHAT keywords you should use and WHERE to put them for the highest RELEVANCY!
2. The ultimate strategy on how to rank your product to Page 1, TOP 5 positions
·     HOW TO build your Ranking Strategy Budget. The exact calculations!!!
·      14 Days ACTION PLAN for a successful ranking process. 
·     The exact daily steps to be followed to reach Page 1, Top 5 positions.
3. Additional strategies you can apply to increase your sales volume (BONUS). 
·     TOP RATED Strategies you can apply to increase/maintain your sales volume.
Requirements needed to get started
Delivery time
Up to 24 hours