Advanced Amazon Coaching CALL you'll never forget ! 60mins

Are you struggling with your Amazon business on so many levels that you’re about to quit? Don’t! Not yet… Think about those thousands of sellers who won the game, making 5 or 6 figures per month. How did they do it? 
Old days, when you could show up as a “noobie”, are gone. Now, you have to use efficient tools on your Amazon journey to success. You have to study daily, being up to date with every new strategy, with every new algorithm change, with every new option showing up in your seller central account. 
Or you can be trained by Pro’s like me.  I am here to help you with :
  • Product research - Advanced filters on how to do it the right way
  • Product design - Learn how to have an outstanding design for your  product
  • Setting up you Amazon account
  • Keyword mining - Best way to find efficient and profitable keywords to use in your front-end and back-end
  • Algorithm INDEXING process.
  • Create a perfect listing, both optimized and attractive.
  • Product pictures ideas in order to increase your conversion.
  • EBC (Enhanced Brand Content) / A+ Listing.
  • Brand Registry Process.
  • How to list your product on Amazon - the right way!
  • Create product variations.
  • TOP Launching Strategies used by 5% of Amazon sellers
  • TOP Ranking Strategies used by 5% of Amazon sellers
  • Pricing Strategies.
  • PPC Advertising Strategies.
  • Social Media Advertising Strategies for Amazon sellers
  • Getting product reviews / seller feedback
  • Amazon Account Suspension Appeal
  • Everything else you need to know about Amazon 
Are You Ready To Take Your Amazon Business To The Next Level? 

Our coaching call will be on "screen sharing" platforms like Skype, Zoom, WebEx. You will be trained in the best possible way to achieve  your goals!

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1. What will be the subject(s) you want to cover
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5. Send me 3 possible dates and time to schedule our call.
Consulting hours
1 hour of consulting included
Delivery time
Up to 3 days