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Use Amazon Backend LIKE A PRO ! Increase Listing Relevance !

Building the backend of an Amazon listing is something very few people know how it's done in a professional way.  Why? Due to the fact most of them are following the same guidelines, presented on different Amazon courses, a lot of them either outdated or incomplete.
I have studied top Amazon FBA masterminds for a few years now, paying thousand of dollars per year in membership fees.  Having access to the best teachers in Amazon FBA field allowed me to learn the latest tactics, the most updated strategies when it comes to backend optimization in the eyes of Amazon algorithm. 
Buying this service will allow you to have access to my Amazon SEO GUIDE (4 pages only).  You will find out the exact places where you should have your main and secondary keywords based on their relevance. Applying those rules will increase your keyword rankings and your overall listing relevance.
If you are already an Amazon seller and you already have your product(s) listed, you can use the guide to optimize your backend and increase the relevancy of your keywords significantly.  By doing this 30mins step, you can have a great surprise in terms of sales volume !!!
If you haven't listed your product(s) on Amazon yet, you have 2 options :
·      Buy this guide and pass it to the person who takes care of your Amazon backend.
·     TAKE your Product Listing to the Next LEVEL by ordering my professional Product Listing services (access the links below):
ØGold Amazon Product Listing :
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