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*** Keyword Ranking Campaign - Budget Calculator ***

Did you know You can rank your product on Amazon's first page (Top 5 positions) for any keyword you want? But Do you know how to calculate the exact budget you'll need ?

Each keyword requires a specific budget in during a ranking campaign!

Send me your ASIN or a list of keywords you're interested to rank for and I will send you the estimated budget needed for a Professional Ranking Campaign.  You will receive all the details: the cashflow needed, the NET cost, the estimated time to recover your investment.

I have built and managed tens of keyword ranking campaigns using the same calculation method and it always provided me the expected results.

!!! In order to get the most out of your ranking campaign, make sure your product listing is optimized before you start !!!
Requirements needed to get started
ASIN / Keywords you're interested to rank for

In order to provide you accurate information about the time needed to get your investment back, I will need the following information :
-Your product landing cost (manufacturing + shipping)
- Your Amazon FBA Fees

Delivery time
Up to 3 days