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Amazon FBA - Full Account Management (weekly rate)

Running an AMAZON FBA business might be a continuous challenge. Especially when you are a beginner or when you don't have enough time for it. 
As a beginner, you can make a lot of mistakes, which in the end will affect your business and your budget.

Dedicating the appropriate time the business needs might also be a critical factor, making the difference between a great success or a big fail.

Let me help you on your Amazon business by applying my professional expertise in this field. 

I am Razvan, an experienced Amazon FBA consultant (former FBA seller) continuously striving to exceed my customers’ expectations by reaching the highest goals. I am able to offer such results by being a continuous learner of the best teachers in this field: Ben Cummings (Fast Track Mastermind), Kevin King and Many Coats (Helium10 Elite), Traian Turcu, etc.
I am able to drive exceptional across-the-board performance by revitalizing underperforming areas and capturing new opportunities for growth. 
My background:  
- I was an Amazon seller (for almost two years) until June 2018 when I started to focus on consulting services only. Tools/platforms I have used as a seller : Helium10, Viral Launch, ASIN reports, ZonPages (rotator, e-mail campaign), ZonJump, JumpSend, RebateKey, Manage by Stats, PPC Scope, AmzTracker, FB + ManyChat + Zapier , & others. 
- I have been an IT Manager for almost 10 years , Reporting Manager for 2 years and Senior Project Manager for a few years also. So I have Reporting Skills , Optimization skills and Tech experience.
My track record of success has been reinforced by having excellent results during my last projects, involving Full account management,  Launching / re-launching FBA products for two 7-figures Amazon business. 
Confident I can deliver the same results within your business, I invite you to review my skills below.    
  • Listing optimization (backend & frontend) at PRO level.
  • Product Launching (strategies & implementation) - PRO level.
  • Keyword Ranking (strategies & implementation) - PRO level.
  • Amazon account management (growth strategies)
1.    Listing optimization:
  • Advanced keyword research
  • Front end listing optimization & Backend search terms 
  • Different HTML formats for product description
  • Enhanced brand content (A+)

2.    Product Launching:
  • Advanced strategies and tactics for product launching
  • Detailed KPI’s analysis during launching period
3.    Product/Keyword ranking:
  • Very detailed analysis about product/keyword ranking
  • Profit analysis / keyword
  • Advanced strategies and tactics for keyword ranking
  • Continuous improvement and research about new ranking strategies
4.    Amazon Advertising:
  • PPC Strategies Setup & Optimization
  • KW analysis & optimization
  • Headline Search Campaigns
5.    Product analysis(Financial audit & Pricing strategy):
  • Analyze financial idicators (P&L's)
  • Analyze market competitors
  • Create a solid pricing strategy
  • Identify opportunities to reduce cost and fees
  • Identify and review poorly performing products to get at the root of problems

6.    Social media advertising strategies:
  • Facebook Ads & MannyChat funnels (implementation)
  • Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube, AdWords

7.    Customer support and feedback optimization:
  • Encourage positive feedback and reviews from your customers
  • Monitor and address seller performance metrics and problems
  • Address negative reviews on your products
Requirements needed to get started
To be discussed. 
Delivery time
Up to 24 hours