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Launch & Rank - Organic Reviews - ManyChat Bot + Facebook

Are you going to list a new product on Amazon? Wondering how to setup a new business on Amazon? Listing and waiting for the sales is NOT A GOOD IDEA. This is the time when you actually need a product launching service. 

WHAT IS PRODUCT LAUNCHING SERVICE? At the very first step you need to create the sales velocity in order to rank on the first page of Amazon. First Page means HUGE & HUGE SALES and Product launch service makes it HAPPEN.

I am going to promote your product on Facebook to the targeted audience in order to create sales velocity to get ranked on Amazon. I am going to provide the list of all customer contacts as they will be collected into your very own Manychat account as subscribers. 


Create sales velocity to improve your ranking
Get a spot on the first page to gain maximum organic sale  
Create a list of target audience on Facebook for future promotions
Catch up with your competition in a just few days
Gain Keyword Rank
Create rebate bot to get MAGICAL increase in sale velocity 
Product Analysis and advise to rank 
Create and Customise the flows for your product 
Set the bot up in your Manychat account
Create Super URLs and keywords suggestions supporting to your budget


Requirements needed to get started
Access to your Facebook business page
Access to your Facebook Ads manager with an approved payment method
Access to ManyChat Account
Extras included
Tailored Action Plan
Marketing Strategy Report
Customer Segmentation
Promotional Campaign
Unlimited revisions allowed
Delivery time
Up to 3 days
Frequently asked questions
Can I get a complete launching package?
Yes, I offer three types of packages. If you want anyone of these or all of these, you can contact me before ordering. Packages are given below:
1-     Integrated Chatbot Creation
I will provide you with a Facebook to Manychat integrated chatbot so your customers will reach you through it and you will be able to handle them from Facebook.
2-     Ads Management
I will create a Chatbot, will integrate it with Facebook page and will also run an ad for you on facebook to grab targeted audience for you.
3-     Complete Launching
I will create a Manychat bot, will integrate it with Facebook ads. I will manage and handle all the activities on the ads. I will handle the google sheet report to keep track for all the consumers.
Can I see a demo Bot?
Yes, please send me message before ordering in order to see the demonstration.
Is the Bot Amazon TOS complaint?
Yes, Amazon appreciates the listing that brings traffic from outside.
How to Rank keyword?
I will use super URL and SFB technique to rank the product on the required keyword. There are other ways also to promote the specific keywords to rank on the first page i.e. SFB
Does this gig include daily budget for Facebook ad?
No, the reason is that we would need to increase or decrease the budget after analyzing the sale velocity