Business Consulting - 1 hr - Over 20 yrs Experience

Are you looking for a boost to your Amazon business? Struggling with getting more sales or trying to figure out how to increase them without drastically increasing your cost?

Then we should talk. I have over 20 years of direct response copywriting and marketing experience. I have consulted info businesses, authors, service companies, and of course ecommerce. 

Time to get the boost you are looking for, regardless of the time of year or product type. Let's talk!
Requirements needed to get started
What is your business?
What are you currently selling?
How long have you been in business?
What have you tried doing already and what were the results?
Are you willing to implement the steps we go over without complaining?
Consulting hours
1 hour of consulting included
Extras included
Seller Central Audit
Pricing Audit
Keyword Research
Competitive Analysis
Listing Optimization
Paid Ad Audit
Marketing Strategy
Product Research
Brand Protection
Delivery time
Up to 3 days