Amazon PPC Campaign Management for 30 Days

Amazon Sponsored Product Ads are a must when driving traffic to your brand or increase your product listing’s discoverability on the Amazon platform. Competition on Amazon is continuing to increase so driving the right kind of traffic from Pay-Per-Click Ads has never been more important. I can help you to both control spend and maintain a healthy ROI.

I have more than 4 years of experience in Amazon businesses as a consultant & Amazon expert. I have successfully completed several projects on product launches and Amazon PPC advertising and I recently acquired the Amazon Advertising Sponsored Ads Accreditation.

My professional and educational experience combined, have helped me create a comprehensive methodology for setting up and managing effective Amazon PPC campaigns for my clients. The Amazon PPC strategy varies from client to client, depending on the goals and budget. 

I strongly suggest that before setting up the new PPC campaigns, we first make sure that the listing is fully optimized in order to maximize the effectiveness of our advertising efforts. To that end, I can help you by conducting competitor and keyword analysis, as well as listing optimization. 

What’s the process:

We will first get in touch in order to gather all the necessary information about your product and the goals you would like to achieve through Amazon advertising.

I will then do a comprehensive competitor keyword research and analysis in order to determine the most profitable keywords to include in the campaigns. If you already have your own campaigns setup, I can either optimize them or pause them and create new ones (depending on their performance). In this case, I will also take advantage of the reports from the current campaigns.

After setting up the campaigns, I will closely monitor them for 30 days and optimize them in order to achieve the best possible results. If you are on a budget, I offer another gig where instead of me managing the campaigns for 30 days, we can do a 1-hour coaching call where I can train you to manage the campaigns on your own.

What’s included in this service:

✅ Competitor Keyword Research & Analysis

✅ Amazon PPC campaign setup

✅ Amazon PPC campaign optimization/management for 30 days

Requirements needed to get started
Access to Seller Central via VA account with Advertising and Reports Permissions
Extras included
PPC Account Audit
Keyword Expansion
Search Term Expansion
Campaign Optimization
Monthly Progress Reports
Delivery time
Up to 5 days