Custom Package for Gillian

**This custom package is for Gillian only. Please inquire for a package built to your specific product needs!**

This package includes shots per the agreed upon shot list: 
Shot 1: Composite of contents
Shot 2: Lifestyle in nursery
Shot 3: WBG placed into lifestyle
Shot 4: Lifestyle with Mom + Baby model
Shot 5: Packaging shot 

If you have any changes to the shot list, please let me know before shoot day. Don't hesitate to reach out at any point in the process with questions!
Requirements needed to get started
Ship your product to me at:
Jessica Smith
BFF Photography
614 Main Street
Dalton, NE 69131

Let me know if you have any changes to the shot list. Example images have been provided, but feel free to send any other shots pertinent to our shoot, or if you have a file of your logo send it to have it incorporated into your shots.
Number of images
5 images included per package
File formats provided
0 revisions allowed
Delivery time
Up to 10 days
Frequently asked questions
What is the difference between White Background, Lifestyle, Composite, and Infographics?
White background- any image featuring ONLY your product. NO use of props, NO use of models.
Lifestyle- any image that features props, a location or background, or use of a model.
Composite- a single image that features multiple photographs within the image; these are commonly used to focus on details or show multiple uses of the product within one image.
Infographic- an image that features text or graphics to tell customers about your product, special features, measurements, comparisons, etc.

What is the cost?
Since all projects are unique and custom-built, I do not provide a one-package-fits-all cost. You will know the total cost of your project before we get started so there are no hidden surprises! On a budget? No problem! Let me know your budget and we can build a package that gets the necessities so you can get started selling.

Additional Fees Apply For:
Shots featuring infants/young children
Models, Pets
Fresh props: produce, flowers, meat, etc
Steam treatment or ironing of soft goods (highly recommending for removing wrinkles and helping shape soft goods!)
Specific props not on-hand
Special Locations (Coffee shop, beauty parlor, market, etc.)
Product Setup

*Please reach out for a quote specific to your needs, or built to your budget*

Is there a preferred method of shipment?
USPS, UPS, and FedEx all work great when shipping your product to me.

If you would like your product back, please include a pre-paid shipping label.
USPS is the quickest method for us to return your product, followed by UPS.
Shipments returned via FedEx must include FedEx pickup services at an additional fee through the carrier.

Do you have models?
I have a diverse crew of models: Males & females of all ages, fitness models, children, and also infant models make up our team. We are excited to bring your product to life! Just let me know your specifications and I will begin reaching out to my team, working to find the right model to wrap up your project quickly!

What is the turn around time?
White backgrounds that do not require models are completed within five days of your product arriving to the studio.
Model images are completed within a week.
Infant model images require two weekends, giving us some cushion time to reschedule or try again in the event of uncooperative, fussy models.

Do you do re-shoots?
In the event of errors on my part, I will absolutely reshoot your product to provide photos match your shot list and are crisp and in-focus. I will deliver to you our agreed upon shot list. 

If after seeing the images you want another take from another angle, I am happy to take additional photos for you at an additional fee. 

Some things can be easily solved in photoshop- let me know if you have any concerns so I can fully address our options! I want you to leave happy with your images and ready to return for all your needs.